Choir 78 meets three sponsors

It’s always thrilling to see our children meet their sponsors for the first time. When that happens on tour, it’s extra special. Stephanie, who is on Choir 78 in Canada was able to meet, not one, not two, but three of her sponsors.


Joan and Russell Joynt pose with Stephanie


Janet Poole shows off a letter with Stephanie’s footprint

They all started sponsoring her around the same time, 5 years ago, when she transitioned from Baby Watoto into her permanent family home in Suubi village. We first met Joan and Russell Joynt from Smithfalls, Ontario who drove an hour to see her. A week later, we connected with Janet Poole from Perth. She brought along letters she had of Stephanie saying that she wanted to be a nurse. Janet is a nurse herself.


Sarah Bell from Cobourg also drove an hour to meet us. She carried along the picture she received the day she became Stephanie’s sponsor. “It’s really neat to see someone whose picture you look at everyday and now she’s right there!” she said. We pray God’s blessing upon these beloved people.


Sarah Bell and her daughters all came to see Stephanie



Sarah shows off the picture from the day she sponsored Stephanie


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