Priceless moments are made with people you may have met for the first time, but feel like you have known forever. We have travelled to different churches in different cities around Texas, but it feels like we never left home because of the love, care and joy we have found everywhere we go. The memories made will last a lifetime and has painted a beautiful tapestry of God’s family in our hearts. Here are some of memories in pictures:


Karen gets to meet her amazing sponsors Shawn and April, along with their children.

Christen meets her sponsor.

Krista Tamplen was so blessed to see Christen after picking up her profile for sponsorship.

Choir 77 on Fox 24

Choir 77 on Fox Channel 24


Karen and Esther playing on a Carousel


Uncle John our bus driver. The best dude ever!

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  1. We can’t wait to see you in Wichita March 24! May God keep you safe and bless you with abundant experiences! Dave Glover

  2. Blessings to Choir #77 as you continue your journey in music ministry.

  3. Those of us here in the States who have had the honor to hear one of the Watoto Children’s Choirs have been so blessed. I have heard Choir 75 a dozen times (in Arizona and California). My heart has been changes forever because of meeting the aunties, uncles and children. Thank you for saying “yes” to God by coming on tour. We love you all and pray for you daily.

  4. I was blessed to see your choir in St. Louis Missouri at dream center. All of you are so precious and a huge blessing to anyone fortunate enough to hear you. I hope I have the priviledge of seeing you again God bless Barbara

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