Choir 76: First Month Roundup!

It was just under a month ago that we arrived in the UK- and it’s been busy! Here are some of our highlights so far.

And don’t forget- we’re back from the Netherlands on the 15th March, so come see us LIVE!

Choir at Airport

Touch down at Heathrow Airport! We were so excited to meet the UK office staff and get prepped for the tour. We’re still getting used to the cold though!

Our First Concert

We had so much fun at our first concert in Essex. It’s such a privilege to praise God and share his  incredible love through singing and dancing. And still so many shows left to go…


Our January birthdays! Uncle Edwin, Sandra (12), Joy (8) and Twaha (12) with their birthday cakes. Touring is like being one huge family and we love celebrating together!

Cinema Trip

And finally a trip to see the film ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ at the cinema in Kent.


As you can see- we’re having a lot of fun! And the next five months will bring a whole lot more…

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  1. I was most fortunate to witness these pervious children Tuesday night of this week. They came to our small town and blessed us with there wonderful form of praise. Thank you God for blessing our small town with this great pleasure

    • Hi Becky, thanks for your comment, we love hearing from people who’ve been blessed by the Choir!

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