Choir 76: Netherlands Roundup

It has been an awesome experience being in the Netherlands. The children’s stories and the love of Jesus have touched the hearts of many people. We’re still getting testimonies from the churches we have visited!

As our time in the Netherlands comes to an end, we can’t forget the wonderful people we have met, the love we have shared and all the moments together. Here are just a few!

IMG_2857Sharon above having a wonderful time with the new friends in Park City Church, Heerlen.

IMG_2948Amos and Lamson giving the host farewell in Oosterblokker


Amos above having guitar lesson, the very first time Amos held a guitar.


It was an exciting moment as every child and adult were taken to a sports centre to choose a new pair of shoes, organised by one of our Watoto sponsors.

IMG_3663 Choir 76 last concert in Netherlands was at  Congrescentrum Het Forum in Roermond.

Next stop: Germany!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful would love to travel w with you for the Lord who wouldn’t God less You All xxx xxxxx

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