choir 75: Touching Amazing Animals

Ever held a snake? okay how about putting one on as a necklace? Its the latest fashion!

Often times, animals are considered wild and dangerous. Sometimes they are but all the time, they are God’s beautiful creation. Tracy of Amazing Animal World gave Choir 75 an experience never to be forgotten. We got to touch these beautiful creatures. There were Cave Spiders, Corn Snakes, Golden Python, Australian Stick,  Indian Stick, Lizards thought to be extinct, Tarantulas and many other amazing creatures.

Tracy started off by telling us how beautiful God’s creatures are. She shared that some of the animals had a rough start but now have received love. At this, she called out her dog Ferguson, who was rescued and dances! you got that right, he dances!

We were all curious at the start but interest and bravery increased as we went to hold these wonderful creatures! I must admit, I was a little scared… okay a lot scared but I overcame my fear and stood triumphantly with these brave kids! Enough chitchat. Let the pictures do the inspiration.

IMG_8138 IMG_8141 IMG_8151 IMG_8170 IMG_8121 IMG_8122 IMG_8133 IMG_8136 IMG_8143

IMG_8232 IMG_8297 IMG_8332 IMG_8376 IMG_8108 IMG_8204 IMG_8185 IMG_8205 IMG_8210 IMG_8248

some peole went for easy parts...

some people went for easy parts…

IMG_8271 IMG_8275


can i touch?

can i touch?

latest bling!

latest bling!

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