Esther is one of the older children on choir 77. She is 12 years old and the best big sister to all the other children making sure they are looking good, neat and are always comfortable.

We asked her a few questions about tour and this is how it went:
Q: What is your best part about tour?
A: My best part about tour is the host homes.
Q:What do you miss about home?
A: About home, I miss my mother and brothers and sisters.
Q: What food do you love the most on tour?
A: (Laughs) I love salads, pork, and fries
Q: What do you think about America?
A: (Squeezes her eyes…) I think America is like a big city!
Q: What food do you miss from home?
A: Rice with salt! The food here doesn’t have salt! (Most probably she means it tastes different!)


Esther posing with one of the sponsorship profile pictures.


Esther playing on a carousel with Brandina.


Esther being herself. (fun!!)


Esther making faces during a stage rehearsal.


Esther in class enjoying her school time with Dorica and Enoch.


Esther posing for a picture with her friend Nancy after the concert.

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