Choir 76 on Jersey Island: Beach, Birthdays and FUN

Choir 76 is making headlines in Jersey Island. Jersey is one the Channel Islands which is part of Great Britain. It is 12km long and about 5km wide, with a population of 100,800- you could drive across it in under an hour!

The Island has its own government, its own currency and several infrastructures like an Airport and Sea Port. It is also blessed with cultural diversities, as English, French, Portuguese and Spanish are all spoken on the Island- and we’ve had the chance to visit a Portuguese speaking church.

We’ve loved talking about the love of Jesus in schools, churches and even on the radio. We spent an hour being interviewed by BBC Radio Jersey and we made the newspaper too! The impact of the message of hope- particularly in schools has been so encouraging, so please continue to pray for us as we head back to the UK! Check out our schedule at: 


Arriving in Jersey!


Just before we performed for the ferry crew!

We were celebrating the birthdays of the UK country director, Uncle Paul, and his twin brother Uncle Nigel with a beach trip and food!


Our name in the sand!


And we found ourselves in the paper!


Twaha and the rest of the Choir had so much fun at Pizza Express- things got a bit silly!

For more info on Watoto and all that we do to rescue, raise and rebuild, take a look at:


  1. waooo u guys are amazing there. lots of love cheeeerrrs God is amazing.

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