Easter is here 😜😝

We would like to share with you what Easter is to us as a team.

Sam (6 years old) who loves eating chicken and playing said, “Easter is when we eat chicken and the young children go out to play.”

Sam with Karen and Vickie

Christine (8 years old) who loves parties said. β€œEaster is a big celebration.”


Christine enjoying a moment before the concert

Vicky (6 years old) said, “Easter is when we have a big party to enjoy and celebrate God.”

Douglas ( 7 years old) said, “Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus for dying for our sins.”

Andrew (13 years old) said, “Easter to me is reconciliation of the good for the bad.”

Daniel ( 11 years old) said, “Easter is a reminder to celebrate the goodness of God to me… when he died for my sin.”

Oh What Love! That our Heavenly Father would love us till the death of His son. So that we would be his children too. The orphans now have a father and belong to a family. The homeless now have a home. The broken-hearted are made new.


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