Choir 76: Old Friends

After six weeks moving around the different parts of Europe, with the Netherlands, Germany and France- and our incredible week on Jersey Island- Choir 76 is finally back in the UK!

The choir has already had concerts in Poole, Chichester, Crawley and Reading. We’ve had so much fun and worshipping God together has been  incredible.


Winnie and Sandra enjoy their moment on the ferry back to the UK!

We’ve got two special stories to share of meeting old friends:


Here we met Rachael (left) who toured with Watoto Choir 8. She’s sharing pictures and memories with Aunties Eunice and Nimlet. Nimlet was herself a Watoto Child and travelled as a child on Watoto Choir 7. It was a special moment to meet old friends in a new place.


Here is a picture of Ben and Angela with children from Choir 76. Ben and Angela were Watoto church members when they lived in Uganda. Now they live on Jersey lsland, and it meant so much for them to have Watoto there. They served us some great food and we loved spending time together. Angela had been a cell group leader and discipled many young people in Uganda. On Sunday Angela preached about the message of Hope in her church and also spoke about the wonderful work God is doing through Watoto. We thank her and her husband Ben for their love and support for Watoto in their new home.

And here are some more photos: take a look at what we get up to!


The Choir having a great time with the children at Central Junior School in Chichester.


Choir 76 entertaining people on the street on good Friday in Chichester- with a very nice backdrop!


Sharon (left), Josephine (middle) and Twaha (right) leading people in  worship during the concert at The Pavilion (Life Spring Church) in Reading.

Want to see the Choir? Check out:

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