Choir 78 Meets Three Girls Making A Difference

Choir 78 got to meet three special girls who decided to make a difference. Kiera, Meagan and Hanna saw the choir some years ago and wanted to sponsor a child. So they decided to raise money by cooking and cleaning up after dinners at their church. They also did a bake sale of different pastries and a separate fundraising luncheon.


Kiera, Meagan and Hanna making a difference

They finally raised enough to sponsor a child and will be getting one soon. Then they helped organise so that the choir would come and perform in their community. They even hosted some members of our team at their homes. Choir 78 salutes these girls for all the support they gave us and for making a difference.


The girls pose with the children


The girls hosted some people from our team


We prayed with them before we left


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