Choir 76 Visits Old Trafford, Home of Manchester United

On Tuesday, Choir 76 visited Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams and home to Manchester United, the world’s richest football club. Very few words can explain how this felt to the children who have only seen games on TV or heard radio commentary back in Uganda. Now they had the chance to sit in the managers seats at the Theatre of Dreams. The whole team were glowing with exciting as they toured the world-famous club.


Excitement at the gates of Old Trafford led by our very own Auntie Nimlet


Emmy was so excited that he was going to see Rooney, whose shirt he wears every Monday on his day off!


Choir 76 take their chance on the pitch at Old Trafford.


Now this is the crew of craziest Manchester United fans! (Left to right) Uncle Brooklyn, Uncle Roy, Auntie Abigail, Uncle Edwin and Twaha!


You know that moment when the away team takes all the Home Team seats…

I AmWatoto

That moment when Watoto Choir 76 entered the Pitch to applause! It felt so special- an unforgettable moment.


This is the  moment our team rocked up in the dressing room to do some tactical changes to the tour at Old Trafford. But we still took the home team team dressing room…


After going back to the drawing board in the break, we came back with new tactics: to take as many memories as we can!



The choir left the Theatre of Dreams in high spirit after getting their certificates for the tour- as well as surprise gifts from Old Trafford! Every child received a Manchester United bag, and a magazine for Match day.

What a day!


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