Choir 78 Meets The Dinosaurs


Raphael stops for a photo inside the dinosaur

Recently our travels saw us go through the town of Drumheller. This Province of Alberta is famous for being the dinosaur capital of the world. There were several sculptures and posters of dinosaurs all around the city. But none was quite as amazing as the one we found marked the “World’s Largest Dinosaur”. It was such a big statue that the children were able to sit at its feet. And it got better! We all got to climb up into its mouth and look down to the rest of the town. We climbed the long flight of stairs past some interesting pictures of dinosaurs to look at and take pictures with. This certainly goes down as one of the most memorable experiences of the tour that none of the children and adults will forget.

Keep checking on us to see what out next adventure will be!!!


One of the smaller dinosaurs we saw on our way


The World’s Largest Dinosaur!!


The children amazed at the dinosaur’s foot


Our view from the mouth of the dinosaur


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  1. Every day I am asking our God to meet with Watoto.On May 20 South Campus Fargo.ND

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