Choir 78 connects with old friends

Recently choir 78 went to Five Corners Pentecostal Church in Salmon Arm, BC. While there we met a few people who have been friends with Watoto for some time.

There was Margaret who showed up at our tables dressed in traditional Ugandan attire. She was part of the group that worked on the pews at the Downtown Campus of Watoto Church in Kampala.


Margaret poses with aunt Fiona

Then we met Uncle Sid, who served as bus driver for Watoto Canada for 10 years. He was also involved in putting up the chicken barn and the corn silos on our sustainability farms. It was a special moment for our Auntie Eunice who was a child on uncle Sid’s first tour with Watoto. He’s been sponsoring children and on that day he picked up two more! Then we bumped into Jack and Sylvia who remembered hosting Auntie Eunice on choir 13.

To top it all off, the church handed each of us Gideon’s Bible.


Uncle Sid shows off the two boys he added to his family


Auntie Eunice with her Choir 13 hosts Jack and Sylvia


Auntie Eunice poses with Uncle Sid


Aunties Jessica and Freda pose with their bibles

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