We love being invited to schools! We’ve visited  so many over the last five months. School concerts are usually different to an evening concert: shorter, but packed full of fun! There is a cultural exchange session where first, we dance, then children and teachers come and dance with us. And let’s not forget that our incredible Watoto children also share their stories and experiences, which has a huge impact on students and teachers. Many children have come to know God, and also gained a global perspective!

Here are some highlights from our week:

The choir and the children at Ardleigh Green School enjoying a concert!


Above is Oliver Collard (age 9), from Brentwood Prep School. He organised a fun run with friends, family, relatives and neighbours. He raised £510 and donated it to Watoto.


This young boy has decided to save a life and change a story, thank you Oliver!


Summer is here. Choir 76 waiting to perform for the crowd at a Summer Market at C3 church in Cambridge.


(Photo Credit: Elijah Pantino)

Sharon and Joy at C3 Church, Cambridge. That beautiful backdrop is the Watoto Photo Booth, look out for it at our concerts!

If you want to book the choir to visit your school, or find out more about the work of Watoto, check out our website. Till next time!

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