These words are written by Brooklyn, who has been working hard on tour for the last six months. He’s done an incredible job, been a fantastic Uncle to two choir children, and we’ve seen his passion for sharing Oh What Love. What an amazing team for Choir 76!

Let me tell you about Choir 76, on tour from Jan 20 – July 16. We had eighteen little angels (our children), ten ‘legends’ (the adults), four awesome bus drivers, two country offices in London and the Hague, eight countries and two-hundred and seventeen concerts!

I could sum up the tour statistically, if this was a performance alone, but it’s so much more than the numbers.

It’s all about love- Oh What Love the Father has given. It’s been about reaching out to the fatherless, those separated from God, those hurting and in need of healing, those looking for the true path of life, those desperate searching for answers, for the young, old, rich, poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable among others. This has been an amazing journey as we told our story: the story of faith, hope and love. We have sown the seeds, and we have also grown in spirit, confidence, character and humility.

All this was possible because of the families who opened up their homes for us, the coordinators who ran around fixing every detail, the individuals who came to see Oh What Love and, most importantly, because of God almighty, who makes everything possible.

We have a few days rest, then we’re back home to see friends and family again. There’ll be  a new Choir (and a new production!) with you in the new year, but for now, thank you for everything.

Special thanks to all the churches and schools that have invited us to their respective communities. May God bless you

Some of our highlights:


Hillsong Church at the Dominion Theatre and Guildford Live, recognising and cerebrating the birthday of Sharon one of the young girls on choir. A big thank you to our long time friends at Hillsong.

photo day

The choir performing at Mac’s Farm in Essex. This was the only full concert in the open air, and we welcomed summer in style. It was a colourful day!


Roy (our team leader) getting the team ready to go! Some days aren’t easy but by God’s grace we push through. And now look how far we’ve come.


In every place we go to, there are always those people that stand out, who make it hard for you to forget them. Carolyn Hamilton of Thriving Life Church in Northern Ireland is one of them, famously known as  Mama Muzungu (White Mama to all our children).

IMG_0173 (1)

Who can forget the beginning? This is the day our journey kicked off- the place where everything started.

May God bless you.

Keep in touch with our last few days on Facebook.To find out how you can engage further with the work we support back home, why not get in touch with our UK Country Office (+44 20 3225 1048, or


  1. Wishing you all a safe journey home! We loved welcoming you in Herne at the beginning of you tour, you guys are amazing and your stories so uplifting. Take care all of you and God bless you all as you venture on on your life journeys.
    Sarah xx

  2. This was my 3rd year for hosting the choir and again my boys and I loved it. Very kind words from Brooklyn but every choir member I have loved like they where my own. This year was very special for me as I met my sponsor child’s sister and when I told her who I was seeing her reaction I truely know what a sponsor means to a child and the impact that has on that life. I would encourage everyone to sponsor a child a small sacrifice in our world is such a impact on their lives. Not just the sponsorship but your letters too.

    Have a safe journey home Choir 76!


    Mama Muzungu 😊

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