First Month of Tour In USA

On 30 September, Watoto Children’s Choir 82 started its six-month tour of the East Coast of the USA. Choir 82 is one of the last Watoto children’s choir showcasing the “Oh What Love” production.

They held their first concert at Storehouse Church in Pennsylvania and since then, choir 82 has been to over 30 churches in one month.


“I love Watoto. The children are so disciplined and always cheerful. I’ll follow you everywhere you go,” said Ketty Pereira from Christian Community Presbyterian Church. Ketty was true to her word and followed the choir to Calvary Lutheran Church.

“It’s great how God is using you to minister to people like us. I’m planning on coming to Uganda and visit Watoto”, added Mrs. Pereira.

“I have grown up with a love for Watoto. Ever since I was little, they would come and visit, and I looked forward to seeing them perform again. When we were lucky, we would host them in our home,” shared 17-year-old Corrine Mahoney whose family has hosted the choir in their home five times.

Since choir 82 arrived, they have been welcomed by different people into their churches to worship, homes to sleep and parks to play.

Join us on this tour; to find out more.


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