A blessing in a mall


Debbie Weaver and Lami Campbell where walking through Old Navy store in NC running their daily errands one Saturday morning when they ran into 9 boys in a straight line all dressed the same.

They were astonished to see this and before they could say a thing, all the boys greeted them in chorus.

“We were filled with so much joy and we were taken in awe at the kind of manners these little boys expressed to strangers,” says Auntie Debbie.

They had no idea what these boys where doing or who they were.

“Until 3 boys approached me from  the line. They asked for my name ad after telling the other boys who we were,they again greated us,” she explains with a smile. “And they always spoke in chorus,” she adds.

Jeff, Edison and Shafik where the young boys who aproached them. They shared about who they are, come from and about Watoto as the organisation. They later invited them for the concert- Oh What Love Worship exprience – that night.

“I was so impressed by the confidence in which they spoke and the knowledge they had about their home. Those little children; I was blown away,” remembers Auntie Lani.

Out of the abundance of their heart’s, the ladies paid for all the jeans that the children had picked out from the shelves.

Later that evening, keeping to their word;they came and watched the concert.


Auntie Lani and Auntie Debbie with Timothy Paul and Timothy


Auntie Lani with all the children

“We would love to see them again. My church is in South Carolina,and I’m going to speak to my pastors so we can have the Watoto Children’s Choir come to our church. Thank you for blessing my heart,” she smiles.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you for the memory.
    I remember meeting one such a choir in Cornwall, England late 2016.
    The experience blew me away……………..it was a privilege to have two visitors stay that night, in my home…….
    Next day they travelled on ……Once heard never forgotten……….the love shone through. X

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