Photo taken at Watoto Church  before setting off

The long awaited journey is here and we are ready to head on.

It has been six months of preparation and organising. A lot happened and we are grateful for every moment.

Thanks to all the choir leaders that guided and trained the team tirelessly in all understanding. With confidence they released us knowing indeed we were ready to go to ends of the world with the love of Jesus. We can only say we can’t wait.


Boarding from Entebbe international airport

After a successful process at the airport, we were ready to head for our first flight to Abu Dhabi then later for the second flight to Hong Kong. Ready to go with ready hearts and big smiles.


Moments along the journey both on and off the plane, a very interesting journey of over 14 hours

We arrived in HongKong on Tuesday 24th of October and the process through the immigration gate was grate but more so the team that came to welcome us. Very excited.


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