Choir 88 has got talent. No more searching anywhere, the talent is right here.

Thursday 16th November unlike other days, we had a full day of sharing the love of Jesus through sports and games other than singing and dancing. The children and adults were dressed in their sports costumes and so ready to play a friendly soccer game with Diocesan Boys’ School. We divided into two groups and played against two groups of the school. Averagely it was a draw. Hence, we all won. We all enjoyed every moment.

Shatin Park
Later, the choir went to Shatin and it was such a cool breeze from the river. It was a great feeling to have after sweating and stretching our muscles.

One of the most beautiful moments of the day was meeting and sharing time together with the university students doing social work. We had games together and also shared testimonies in groups.

They were touched by the beautiful Watoto story that they wished, and some said they would be the steering vessels to see the same story happen in Hong Kong. What a beautiful moment it was.

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