From the beginning to now it has been God’s grace upon us in abundance that has caused us to find victory, favour, joy, and freedom on this journey. I call this step week three and I can boldly say it can only get better because God’s glory is new every morning. Here I unleash the glorious highlights of week three.

Sparkling smile after  visiting the dentist

Jesus told His disciples that go tell my people that the kingdom of God is near and on their journey, He told them they needed not to carry anything, for they would find everything they needed there. If you still don’t believe that God sustains you, then hear this from me. Freely the choir (all members) was treated by a dentist and also blessed with toothpaste to care for the new looking teeth.

Hahahah, our smile was changed forever because no one was shy to smile with sparkling teeth.

Sharing life together with students
Tuesday 14th  until Thursday 16th, we had the company of students.

On Tuesday, we were at United Christian College (Kowloon East) and we prepared lunch together with some students as the children and adults interacted with the students. We had the lunch together, and the day was crowned with moments of African praise by the choir with the school and also games with the school.

Then Wednesday to Thursday, we were at Munsang College. It’s such a massive school with both primary and secondary sections. Besides the number of concerts we had with them, we also had an opportunity to have a session to specifically pray for the school in every school concert and this is was unique.

On Friday, we were at HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College, a very unique experience too. You can find highlights here.

Some of the experiences in pictures

Tabitha and Maddox meet their sponsors. 

I’ll always say that this is a miracle. These are parents from a far that have chosen to be involved in these children’s lives. Being involved means giving every basic need to the child through sponsorship of a given amount every month and on top of that writing to the child letters. It’s amazing to hear these sponsors’ stories.

Maddox and Tabitha were so glad to meet their parents, brothers and sisters that love and support them dearly.  Maddox met Mr. and Mrs. Sing  and their two children who sponsor Maddox. You should see the joy they carry, it’s so gorgeous.


9-year-old Jay and 6-year-old Shan surprised everyone when they chose to sponsor 14 year old Maddox.


Maddox with his sponsors who are his brother and sister.

God is still writing so many stories and it’s just the beginning. We thank God for taking us on this amazing journey everyday.

Enjoy the pictures

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