Every journey has a beginning and the end. We are neither at the start or an end but somewhere along the journey.

What makes a journey interesting is what catches your eyes and heart. As we walked week five, our hearts and eyes found wonders worth holding as treasure and these are so many, but we will highlight a few of them.

On Wednesday and Friday last week, we were at the University of Hong Kong. These days were so full of great experiences.

We also had soul uplifting sessions from some Africans in Hong Kong who are successful in life. They shared their stories that saw them be who they are now. We also learnt some networking skills; that is, how to easily relate with a client. It was wrapped up with a great lunch together.


A picture with some of the Africans who shared with us their stories. Children carrying gifts they received from them

The day wasn’t yet done, we had a tour through this legendary university worth 100 years old yet it looks so world class.  Everything caught our attention because it was very excellent. The tour guides were some students from the education faculty and this day was sealed with friendly football game with them and the famous hot pot dinner in Hong Kong.

At the University of Hong Kong, we presented the Sign & Wonders production at an event which was called the Africa Watoto day. Indeed it was Africa Day as there were presentations from various cultures in Africa.

Celebrating team leader’s (Uncle Ivan) and Charity’s  birthday and feasting on KFC chicken  

This was another highlight of the week. Celebrating is such a wonderful thing but growing older is praiseworthy. Uncle Ivan and Charity were thrilled with the surprise the team organized for them and not forgetting the chicken overflow from KFC that we had for dinner.

Moments of the week in pictures  

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