What do you see? 6173A8A1-AF6E-4AD4-BD3B-28ABA94480E3

Do you see just children, singers, performers or actors? Well we believe you see something.

We will tell you what we truly see.

We see miracles that no man’s hand can craft. Yes we call them miracles because they once were not but now, they are something worth.

We see love. A love so deep and unconditional that’s unfailing. The kind of love that shines and is tangible and felt. The love of God.

We see transformation that stems from the great radiate glory of the story that pours out from the hearts of these signs and wonders. This glory is contagious because it transforms.

We see the future filled with polished and great minds and hearts. We have rescue and are raising great leaders that will rebuild the nation and the world. What we have is the story of the love of Jesus which never fails.

So we will tell you that what we see is not ordinary but extra ordinary for it’s unstoppable and it’s unfailing, that’s the love of God.

Week seven has been filled with highlights of sharing the love of Jesus with those around us. What an amazing journey of love, generosity, serving, fellowship and worship! We have been in schools and the one outstanding thing that has echoed most is the transformation of hearts of both young and old people from the story of the greatest love that we speak of as Watoto. We are delighted to carry this story and share it with joy with those around.

This story was cemented with great words during the weekend by Pastor John at Evangelical Free Church of China – Kong Fok Church.


Choir with Pastor John at the extreme left.

In his words he said, “this is not just a show of songs and dances, these are not just children, these are signs and wonders who are sharing with us their testimony. This is the love of the father.” He further lamented, “these are not orphans anymore because they have received the love of the Father. One is an orphan only because they have run away or rejected the greatest love of the Father like the prodigal son.” This is when we truly say the cake has been iced so well that whoever tastes it, won’t stay the same.

The choir at Kong Fok church.

What your story?

We believe everyone has a story. But have you ever asked yourself, “how does my story begin or where am I now or where or how will it end? Think about it.

God has changed our story and given us a new story to tell, the love of Jesus Christ.

More moments of week seven

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