On 9th January 2018, we said goodbye to a beautiful experience. Even beautiful is an understatement, it’s been an exquisite experience… HongKong, you’ve been lovely, you’ve shown us more love than we could have imagined, oh your generosity no words can explain.

The hosts… you’ve housed us so well we felt like home, as though we had new families, it’s not everyday that  people open their doors to people they have no history with… but you so willingly did and oh boy did we enjoy our stay in your homes, thank you so much for your sacrifice.  We don’t take it for granted… thank you for feeding us oh Lord! You fed us to a point that I’m sure our fellow Ugandans can’t recognise us anymore,

You fed us so much and so well.  We are grateful and we will forever miss you. We hope to see you in Uganda soon. The sponsors both old and new, thank you for picking up our profiles among the bunch, thank you for making us feel special, the fact that you chose us from the many makes is feel like we were given a golden crown in that moment, thank you for loving us.

The churches and schools…

… that let us share the love of Jesus through our concerts, thank you for taking time off your busy schedules and clearing slots for us, you have no idea how joyful the kids were whenever they visited a school or a church, if I could draw their smiles I’d never have enough paper. Sacrifices like these are how we change the world, thank you for adding such a meaningful page to our life story, you made this worth it!

For the Watoto Asia(HongKong) office, no words are accurate enough to express our gratitude.


The Asia team praying for choir 88 to have a great experience in Japan.

For the early mornings and late nights and random programs you were always present, never left us for a moment, we may never know how to thank you but as we say thank you in Luganda on our knees saying “webale” for not just being colleagues but brothers, sisters and Parents, for being so swift and practical and excellent all in one, for challenging our speed to match yours for efficiency’s sake, for always being present till the last step. We are grateful!

As we cross over to our next stop, with us we carry an overload of joy, love, memories of new found family, friendships to last a lifetime and full hearts.

Thank you HongKong family for loving us, may God keep you safe and bless you even more, until we meet again.


Team ready to bond off to Japan. Thank you and bye Hong Kong.

Some of the last moments in Hong Kong.


Bye bye Hong Kong. Japan, here we come!

San fu sai.
We love you!



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