Travelling is surely learning.
It’s amazing the things we get to learn and see as we travel. Lately we have learnt two things in life.

One is that, we are only strangers to this world that is for a while but not to those around us. Look around you, everyone you see is a part of you only because you haven’t opened up yourself to them. Well as for us we have experienced true love from these people that once we never knew and surely we know now we not strangers and neither are they. This is not alien to the experience we had in Hong Kong because we felt so loved even when there by people we knew not before. So we believe we are only strangers to this world but deep inside, we are all one.

Second we learnt that, what makes us family is fellowship. Fellowship is more than the traditional way of just praying. It’s every moment shared together in prayer, playing, eating, dancing, having fun and sharing stories and love. So question, are you a part of a family where you are and are you fellowshipping?

As for us we are family that is making fellowship with those around us.
Our first five days, we were at Okinawa world mission church in Okinawa Japan.


The reception, love, and care from this family in this church is so exceptional. For five days we have experienced the true meaning of servanthood and generosity, the reason we believe no body is a stranger and we are all family. Well like we said earlier, we had everything about fellowship and we will let your eyes tell details of our experience.

Eating together very nice meals

Played together  

Sharing our stories, praying and worshipping together

Blessed with tangible gifts and non-tangible gifts  


The sight of Japan also has been a big highlight itself because it is so different from HongKong where we spent 77 days.

First two concerts in Japan

13th January 2018 we officially had our very first concert as choir88 in Japan at Okinawa world mission church.


Not only was it our first concert, it was the first time the church was hosting Watoto children’s choir. By God’s grace, we were able to share our story of Signs & Wonders and we believe it echoed right in people’s hearts according to how much they showed response and support.

14th January 2018 we had our full second concert at Goya Baptist church in Okinawa


Likewise, it was also very successful and glory to God for the hearts He touches through our stories that He has laid in our hearts.

Tour in the Ocean expo park in Okinawa
(15th January 2018)

Hahahhaha, did we just laugh? Sorry, these are tears of joy that we have after having a phenomenal experience of watching water world creation. Before we get into details of what our eyes enjoyed we will share with you the genesis of how it happened.

Different churches came together so as to buy tickets for the choir to have an experience at the world’s second biggest and deepest ocean expo park. This is why we say we are all family and we thank God for such love that He has let us experience.
Our eyes were caught in amusement, as though they had never blinked.
Watching the dolphins and wales dance and dive so high in water was a dream come true.

Getting to see different species of water animals some of which we have never seen.


We are in awe of how great our God the creator is. Enjoy the pictures.

Besides watching the sea animals, the view and the environment at the park was beautifully organized and planned. We couldn’t stop taking selfies and pictures.

This was crowned up with a great dinner meal at one of the Goya Baptist Church members. Wow! This was an icing on the cake.
We ate until they couldn’t eat any more.


We are a family that celebrates Jesus and shares the love of Jesus everywhere we go. From the beginning of it all it has been God, so we are so confident even where we are going, more stories are awaiting to be experienced.

You can be apart of our story experiences by following this blog
But more so don’t miss our concerts in Japan. Check the tour program on Tell your friends to tell all their friends to come and experience the sound of Signs & wonders.

Thank you and God bless.

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  1. Speechless.. All in tears of blessed we .to be part of this amazing season.. Thank you Jehovah Jairah,Nisi,shalom,elshadai..the list is endless…. Am honored to be apart of this.

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