This was another week of adventure in Okinawa, Japan. We have been in Okinawa for two weeks now as we share the beautiful love stories full of Signs & Wonders all around the this Island. An Island famous in the history of World War II but more currently for its big aquarium which is visited by 3 million tourists in a year.


Tomorrow 23rd January, we will be flying to Fukuoka hence farewell to Okinawa. Everyday on this island has been worth it and we are glad we are carrying good memories and stories about our journey in Okinawa.


Sharing stories of Jesus’ love for us will always be the biggest highlight because it transforms, inspires and brings joy to those around us. We carry stories of hope and victory so we can’t keep shut but only to echoe out the beat of God’s love.

Fellowshiping as the choir

We love getting together and pray, sing, and share the word of God. This has kept us strong in times of trial, confident of God’s presence with us in all things, and growing in God’s will for our lives. This week, it became more interesting when all the boys decided to recommit their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour. This is a great testimony for such young boys standing brave to make one of the best decisions in their lives.


Praying for the boys after recommitting their lives to Jesus Christ.

Visiting the mini zoo 


What an exciting adventure this was for us!

Not only was it eye catching but also a learning experience for us all as we saw animals that we had never seen. The children were mesmerized. This was a mini zoo but despite its size, the story behind it makes it big. It was made by one person who loves life and art and he made it free for anyone who wants to come and have a trail through it. Well, we had ours and this was our experience.


Special treats from our hosting churches.

On Tuesday, we had a special treat organized by Joy Chapel where we watched traditional drumming and dances in Japan.

On Thursday, we were taken to the restaurant by Bethany Church for dinner. Wow this was different and unique. I have no words to tell of the experience so I will let you see the photos. But what made it special was the fact that everyone had to cook their own meat on a hot stone.  Hahah we can imagine your thoughts now.



On Saturday, we were given a pizza treat by Shiroi-ie Fellowship Church.

The experience was tasty. But also great as we touched the people in the restaurant by one of our songs. They were all amazed.

We can’t say it all but surely we had a great experience and we would love to say thank you to all the people and the churches that hosted us this week. That is; Joy chapel, Bethany Church, Messiah Blessing Church, Seisen Christ Church and Shiroi – ie Fellowship Church. Thank you for giving us a platform to tell of Signs & Wonders of God’s love. Not only the platform but also you have made us part of your family and fellowship with the care and love we have felt from you. May the Lord bless you and keep you all  growing in his love.

Enjoy more of our adventures  through these pictures  

God bless you

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