CHOIR88: FUKUOKA ( Week 14 highlights)

On the 23rd of January we left the land of Okinawa and flew to the land of Fukuoka which was ranked the 14th livable city in the world by 2017.


Do you believe it is the most livable? Well we tell you the truth because to live is to see. Truly we have not only witnessed the joy and togetherness of the people here, but also experienced it.

Life at Steinem no Tenchi camp site in Sasebo

After landing in Fukuoka at 11:45am we were welcomed by the amazing people who led us up to a mountain by a bus where we were going to stay for 3 nights. We were briefed on all the camp guidelines and this is when it clicked in our minds that we were in the land of Fukuoka were culture really matters. A very respectful, humble and loving culture, it’s one culture where even a stranger will be welcomed with so much respect and honour.

Having guidelines about camp from the camp leaders and Pastor Sasaki

Life here began and it was so great but it got to its maximum when the following morning the children experienced snow for the very first time. Wow you should have seen the joy on the children’s faces. To live is to see, thanks be to God for life.


Everything was very special and so smartly arranged, from bedrooms to the bathrooms not forgetting the meals. Indeed with a small taste of Fukuoka in Sasebo we could tell that this is a livable city.




Our last day at this beautiful camping site

The Bible quiz

If you have been to Sunday school before then you know what this really is. Well if not, you better have one with your friends soon because this is very exciting to participate in as it keeps you in surprise of how much you actually know about the word of God. Children challenged us because they knew things that we as adults we didn’t know. This was a learning point of life.

Swords up video clip  

Visiting schools 


At Shirahae elementary school

On 25th January morning, we were warmly welcomed by both the children and teachers with so much excitement. This is when we say in this world, we are one and we are all family. We shared so much with them as we had games together and meals. They really prepared for us because of the so many activities and entertainment they had for Watoto.

Grand welcome at the school


Activities we had with students

Watoto being entertained


On 27th January, we were joined by another school and it can only get better. Great experiences and learning so much. Indeed the love and joy these people show to strangers makes Fukuoka one of the most livable cities in the world.

Visiting Kyowa Shoko company

“Give and it shall be given back to you shaken, pressed and over flowing” Luke6:38.

This company is flourishing in this blessing because they are so generous. It has lasted for 65years and according to their statics it’s only getting bigger.

As a company they provided Watoto children’s Choir 88 with all the food we needed during our time in Fukuoka. Surely may God bless and enlarge your territories. Amen.


Two concerts in Fukuoka Sasebo 

More than the music or voices or speeches and dances people sought for the heart behind it all. By God’s grace we touched Fukuoka people with the joy we carried in our story.


Spending time the hippo family group

When is the last time you attended a family picnic or get together? This was more than it because it involved different families of different races and religions yet so connected to a point that everyone is family. We automatically became one big family with them as we played different games together and shared meals also together.


Food for the Spirit 

On Sunday, Pastor Sunny Cheung the Watoto Country Director of Asia shared a message.

“What is the most important thing that God desires? Is it praying, praising, giving, sacrificing, caring for those around us?”

”The ultimate goal is to go out to the world and touch those around us with love of God with actions. If those around us are struggling and are in pain and as Christians we are doing nothing, and then, we are not practicing what we preach.”

That’s why at Watoto, we believe in touching those around us with the love of God like taking care of the orphans, widows and the poor.

Two are better than one. We will always say thank you to everyone who supports and helps us on our journey to reach out to the world as we share the love of Jesus. May God greatly bless you.

This week we want to say thank you to Pastor Sasaki who has been there for us everyday in Fukuoka making sure we get everything we need.

Pastor praying for the team as He sends it to Kumamoto in peace.

Thanks to the students of Seiwa high school who attended all our concerts and always stayed back to help out where need was, God bless you.


We know what we know, only because someone told us or we read something about it.

So what are you telling your friends or family?

Well good news is tell your friends to tell their friends about our tour in Japan, or Asia at But also share this blog so that friends can hear the stories of signs and wonders.

But also continue to pray for us all and Japan at large so that many souls shall find the love of God. Be blessed.


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