How many great or successful people do you know in this world? Is there one that inspires you in your walk of life? Do you know their story? If not, please make it your research tonight. If yes, I know you will relate.

Every big story has a beginning and everyone has a story. Our stories are different because our purpose is unique from each other. This why I believe we are all a precious gift from God that this world needs. Imagine if Mr. Ford never did his purpose, then we would have no car engines and you can relate with other stories.

This is why as Watoto, we believe in raising the next generation to rebuild the nation and the world. Currently Watoto is raising more than 4000 children.


These are more than 4000 great stories being written. Stories of a transformed generation and stories of big dreams that will change the world.

Well I bring you 11-year-old Eunice Akwero. The gifts, intelligence, and humble soul make her truly unique and listening to her story, she is a sign and wonder of God’s love. I will let you read the voice of Eunice.


Eunice worshiping during the concert

Eunice talks about her self

“I don’t know my Dad at all. I was living with Aunty because my mother couldn’t take care of me. My Aunty also couldn’t provide me with everything I needed but thanks be to God when I came to Watoto, I was given a new family full of love and care. I have good education and also fellowship with my friends always. I have a big dream of becoming a fashion designer and a professional singer.”

Eunice is a very humble soul, and for the past three months on tour she has indeed displayed her passion for fashion by helping her fellow girls look great before they go for concert.


She also leads a song (no longer slave) in the concert


In a conversation with her she said, “I thank God for sponsors, my Aunties and Uncles  and all the people who support Watoto because through their support, I can now dream big.


Eunice enjoying life on tour


With her young sister Meg in the host family on tour


Eunice’s host family on tour. Her Auntie Charlotte and sister Meg

Every child deserves the right to grow healthy, have all their basic needs, a sense of comfort, peace, joy, love, discipleship, and people he or she can always run to for a shoulder. I believe with such foundation, there is no limit to the treasure that lies within them from blossoming.

Truly thank you to all those people who sacrificially supported Watoto because you’re giving the children the reason to dream big. So God greatly bless you.



  1. Hi I am so touched from these choirs , beautiful kids and leaders have been hosting for many 4 yrs now, thanks to Sarah Purdy organizer ( NI) and looking forward to meet , hear and have fun when we host away in May x

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