What on earth are you here for?

Have you ever tried asking your self this question? If yes, did you find an answer or not? If no, please mind about that question because to live with no direction or purpose is as good as walking aimlessly.

We count it a blessing to walk this journey because we know that God is guiding us everyday. In everything we do or say wherever we go, it’s for a purpose.

Visiting and praying for the elderly people at Agape clinic


A life that inspires, motivates, transforms, directional, and visionary is a life with purpose. Such a life will be a vessel of love, hope, and comfort to those that come in contact with it.

On Tuesday 13th February after a life changing concert at Sakae Bible Church in Nagoya, the children went to Agape clinic to encourage, comfort, and pray with the patients there. It was life transforming for these elderly women and men to see young souls from Uganda carry a lot of passion and grace to them. The doctors said that we caused some to smile so much who had not smiled in a while. Well the children prayed and sang for the elderly and there was a cloud of joy in everybody’s heart as though it was not a clinic.


Praying for the patients at the clinic

His Call Church


Wednesday 14th February, we fell into the city of joy and love from young people called His Call Church Nagoya.


Time here was indeed so nice and full of energy.


Pastor of His Call Church

on Thursday, we travelled from Yokohama to Kato area at Midorino Christ Church where we found a group of people waiting for us with a delicious meal and drinks. This was headed by Pastor Marie and Nozoim.


Meeting the high official delegates of Japan Tokyo 

Friday 16th February, God made us trod in the most high places of Japan in Tokyo. Not only did we trod there but we had an opportunity of ministering to them.

It’s amazing how God connects his plans for us. “We are all created to live big and unique, but this is only found in God.” As for us, we are already gladly experiencing it. Nothing in this world happens by mistake, everything is a step that leads us to another. The concert we had in Okayama in the big arena was watched by one of the high officials and politician in Japan, Mr. Ichirō Isawa, and he was so inspired by our story that he organised through the governor of Japan for us to minister to these high delegates.


Mr. Ichirō Isawa (Centre, first row)

God raised us high and He also by his grace enabled us to inspire and motivate them with our story.

Later that evening we had a mini concert on the streets just to make people aware of the concert we had at Midorino church in Yokohama and turned out to be an echo of inspiration on the street.


Saturday 17th February, we had a concert in Midorino church and every soul from young to the old one were hyped with the joy of the Lord.


Sunday 18th February, we had four half concerts at  lifehouse Tokyo.


This is a very youthful and young church which so much reminds us of our church back home. We enjoyed every bit of our presence with them. Concerts were life transforming as one of the pastors confessed that their young people were inspired and motivated as they had now witnessed the testimony of God’s goodness in reality. Indeed the touch of God was felt.

Day by day that goes by, God enables us to live by His purpose that He has for us on this journey. And we are thankful to all the people and churches or organizations that support or host us on our journey. You can find out where we trodding next at

What on earth are you here for?

“~‘For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the LORD, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.” ‭‭JEREMIAH‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭AMP‬‬

More in pictures

God bless you. 


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  1. Well done Watoto!! For representing in Japan and also challenging the world with the important question, what are here for?! Very thought provoking. Keep up with the great ministry you are undertaking

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