CHOIR 88; SINGAPORE (Week nineteen highlights)



It’s popularly known as the fine country. Hence anything you do that diverts from the excellence they hold as a country, or break the law, there will be a heavy fine or charge awaiting you. The way you cross the road or drive, chewing gum, can cost you a fine in this land. They have such high standard of excellence. So if you haven’t been to Singapore then you should know so that next time when you plan to go to Singapore you are prepared not to incur extra charges.

Besides that, it’s a very gorgeous city, one of the richest Asian countries, and with very high standards of living yet with cheerfully good hearted people.


Like an eagle rebirthing eagerly awaits for the sunrise, so did the people here wait for Watoto children’s choir 88. Our hearts were crowned with a cloud of comfort and joy that we never felt like we were strangers after coming from places like Hong Kong and Japan that we’re home to us.

What happens when a stranger is no more stranger but a friend?

Just four days here and it’s like we have been natives of this land for years hahahah. We believe that this new journey will be amazing knowing the giver of the vision God, will supply it. He has done it for us in Hong Kong and Japan so will He do it even here.

Meeting some of the church hosts, Cordinators and volunteers

“When passion and desire are ripe enough, they can’t wait for another day to grab their treasure.”

Sharing time with these amazing people who chose to host the choir in their schools, churches, and also serve with us in every way or support us with what we need was very encouraging and assuring that we were in the right place with the right people ready to do the right thing according to God’s plan.

The choir sang and shared its stories with them and the same way they blessed us, so did we. We are so confident that where we are going, we are not meeting strangers but friends and family.


First four concerts in Singapore

On the 3rd and 4th of March, we had our first four concerts, that is two each day at St. Magret Primary School which were hosted by Chapel of Christ the King church.

“When a farmer sees the dark grey clouds, they smile because they know they are about to begin sowing.” Likewise we are so excited because we had a great start with so many testimonies which is only a reflection of the great stories that are awaiting to be written.

On Sunday, we had a great time worshipping with the church just before the concert. Very powerful moments that were filled with spiritual fulfillment.


Life with Auntie Mercy and Uncle Emma

This is the joy of a baby or child at the sight of their mother or father. I hope this explains what we felt seeing these amazing leaders. After four months away from home, we were so glad to see them again and enjoy life with them. They have been so encouraging and appreciative of the work that God is doing in our lives.

“Successful people are what they are simply because they had people who encouraged them and believed in them.” Who is encouraging you today?

We count it a great blessing that Auntie Mercy and Uncle Emma are with us for these days.

Home for the Choir 88 in Singapore

This is one of the greatest highlights so far for us. Seeing the children so excited about swimming, relaxing and so were the adults. We won’t say much but may the pictures give you a ‘glimpse’ of what our home looks like. We are thankful to God for this awesome opportunity.



Look around you today, who or how many people do you see?

Everyone of them adds up to your life. Like your body with so many different body parts yet working for one cause, so do we also in this life. Everyone has been created to be unique with special qualities, hence, we need each other. On this journey so far we have learnt that ‘everyone matters.’

We want to say thank you everyone who has supported us in our first days in Singapore because you have shown us love, care and support and it’s because of this that we count joy to walk this journey.


Esther says thank you so much.

God bless you because you all matter.

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