What’s the first thing you do when you get to bed? Hahahha we are sure the answers here are countless because different people do different things.

“Reflection of your life is as good as your resting time.”

When God rested on the seventh day, he reflected on His creation and He said it’s good. There is time to work and a time to rest. This week we took off five days of mid tour break to rest and reflect on the journey we have walked and the things God has enabled us to achieve but more so to set new resolutions of getting better in everything we have to do. The journey has been so amazing.

So it’s been five months since we left home for our signs and wonders tour and if you’ve been following our blog you’ll find that our stay here has been nothing short of amazing, we’ve seen so much favour, we’ve been blessed in so many more ways than fingers and toes could count, in case you’re confused I’m simply saying we’ve had such an awesome tour so far.


In just four months, we have experienced the MTR, the underwater tunnels, the extremely tall buildings and dynamic diet of Hong Kong, some of the children even had the privilege of meeting their sponsors here, we had beautiful hearts open up their homes to us for our two month stay and each week was nothing short of extraordinary, we worshipped with refugees and shared heart-to-heart moments with them and prayed with them and in case it isn’t already obvious Hong Kong was lovely.


On to the next two months, our next stop was Japan, we had been warned about the cold here so we were mentally prepared. Luckily, we started from Tropical Okinawa. This was the first time Watoto was sharing the love of Jesus in Okinawa. We were able to fellowship with churches like Naha Baptist, Joy Chapel, Goya Baptist, Shiroiie Fellowship and other churches and we are grateful for they made our stay there amazing. We constantly had our heads out the windows as we drove by the beaches in awe of the colours that our Heavenly Father breathed onto beautiful Okinawa.

We later made our way North through Sasebo, Fukuoka, Imari, Kumamoto where we met some of the families that were affected by the earthquake, Okayama, Matsuyama, Kobe, Yokohama where we were hosted by the loving and generous Midorino Christ Church and had our final concert in Tokyo. We even got to meet the Governor and if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. Our Japan leg of the tour was such a huge blessing as we saw children give their lives to Christ in such large numbers, we saw doors open that I believe only did because of God’s favour, we made friends that we can confidently say will last a lifetime and we bless the Lord for this season because it’s only been possible because of him.
Oh, we also ate a lot of sushi and we loved it.
For all the friends we made in Japan, we call you Family and we are grateful for all you did for us, you added important pages to the story of our lives and we are forever in your debt, we hope to see you soon, in Uganda.

Now we are in Singapore “Lion City” and what a “hot” welcome we had! We are here for a month and so far we’ve had seven concerts, and they’ve been great. We’ve learned a couple of lessons that we will definitely carry back home with us and hope we can share them and see them spread like a wildfire. For example, doing everything we do not for ourselves, but so that the next person can find a better place. We can’t wait to see what the pot of goodness God has in store for us holds, as we finish this 6 month journey. We hope that you can keep praying with us that we will finish well.

We encourage you to tell a friend in Singapore or Malaysia that we will be having a worship experience near them soon so they should stop by with their whole clan if possible. The kids and adults are dying to connect with you… see you soon.

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