Have you ever watched a marathon from the beginning to the end? I have watched one from the start to the end and what is more interesting is the dynamics of it. Great athletes that are champion begin great and end greater. They start with a speed which they don’t lose but instead they keep consistent as the weak ones lose the pace. Then towards the end, they begin to increase their pace and at the sight of the finishing line they run so strong and fast like they have just started a 100 meters race. Beginning strong, finishing stronger.

28th March 2018, we left Japan, a country where we had such phenomenal experience and flew to Singapore with so much faith that time here would be so great and a new season to explore. Our first days in Singapore gave us such a momentum to begin our race here with such joy encrypted with so much hope, find our first week experience here.


Last week’s moments in Singapore

“The work of a good sports man is measured by their consistency and discipline to the end of the race”

It’s very easy to lose focus when you’re almost getting to the end since it always looks like its done, which is not true because you never know the momentum at which your adversary is coming at. Persistence and consistency will keep you upfront in any race.


In our last week’s moments God granted us such grace that enabled us end so great. We had our last concerts at St. Andrews cathedral, Gracehaven of the Salvation Army, Pentecost Methodist Church, All Saints Church and finally on Sunday, at Lighthouse Evangelism. We had such a supportive experience from people that came for all our concerts and this kept our courage so high and not only our courage but the testimonies, love and joy that these people had or experienced was an assurance of God’s favour and hand upon us.


The joy of fellowship


Jesus could have walked his journey alone but he didn’t only because he knew fellowship was so key and he needed friends to work together and walk by his side always.

“You can go a mile alone but with good company you can go a 1000 miles.”

If we have walked miles or harvested so many fruits, then it’s because of the great loving and supportive souls that have given of their time, energy, and resources to see us fly so high as eagles. No reward is equal to the services of such awesome friends, but our earnest prayer is that God will greatly bless you with every heart desire you hold and that he will guide and lead you to your uniqueness and greatness. You have been such a shoulder to us, google maps when we got stuck along the journey, melodies of sweet soothing sound to our minds and more, you have opened up your ground for us to freely express our faith and share our story. Thank you for making us feel like we matter because you also matter to us.


Just like every road has a destiny, so was our time here in Singapore. Everyday has been a great testimony and you can testify to that if you read or if you have been reading our stories.

Reaching your destiny is never the end but the beginning of another chapter. Our new chapter is choir 88 in Malaysia. So don’t miss out if you are in Malaysia or let your friend know when we will have a concert near your home or workplace by visiting our website



In the land of Malaysia already

Thank you Singapore and God bless you.

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