CHOIR 88 IN MALAYSIA (Week 23 highlights)



Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It’s known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences.

Tuesday 27th march we travelled by bus to Malaysia and our first stop was in Johor Bahru.

The Johor Bahru District is a district located in the southern part of Johor, Malaysia.
The main economy activities in the district are international trading, manufacturing, medical and healthcare.

The genesis of our journey in Malaysia Johor Bahru
Same story that we carry everywhere that God has called us to minister is the same story we carry to this land of Malaysia which somewhat is like our home back in Uganda.

Have you ever imagined the journey of Jesus’ ministry?
He moved everyday of His life just to share good news with people He met. This was not by car or by modern technology that we have today. He walked, spoke with his strength to 1000s of people, for a very long time.
The question is, what gave Him the inspiration to do so despite the hard work which was even despised by the very people He reached out to?
Jesus carried a story that He knew was full of light, love, comfort, truth, deliverance, and answers to the questions that the world has. What story do you carry and what does it contain? Pause and ponder about it.
Today we carry the same message of hope that God has placed in our hearts and our inspiration is that there is some one out there who needs it just like we did a few years ago before God changed our story.


That’s why we love what we’re doing even after five months down the road.

Our first two days that is; Tuesday and Wednesday, were motivational due to the care and gratitude that we felt from these warm hearts that we met.

“What inspires a traveller on his unknown journey as he travels is realising that the features around are like the ones on his map.” Mark Pius

Such a grand welcome and joy gives us more reason to share our story with so much confidence knowing that where we are is home. Church of praise and Calvary City Church gave us such a shoulder touch that made us rise beyond the unknown encounters. First two days experience in Johor Bahru.

First two concerts with Calvary City Church
Thursday and Good Friday were a fount of redeeming stories that shone so bright through the hearts of so many. Like always, we never stop to reach out to the people and pray with them, take pictures, encourage and comfort them. People showed so much support for our merchandise and sponsorship which was another sign that they gratefully received our story.

Moments of the first two concerts


Last two concerts in Johor Bahru with Church Of Praise
Saturday and Easter Sunday were indeed days of praise. As everyone was already in the Easter seasons and reminded of the greatest love ever demonstrated, nothing could hold our praises from lifting off the rooftops and breaking the ground.
Easter season was greatly celebrated as so many left with grateful hearts after being transformed by the story of signs and wonders of God’s love for them.

Moments at Church Of Praise

Fun packed day at Legoland Malaysia

This was the best icing sugar that could ever be used on such a great mighty cake of Easter praise experience from Thursday to Easter Sunday.
Church Of Praise sponsored us to go have our Easter Monday’s experience at the legoland water park. From the youngest child to oldest adult, our bodies can testify of how this fun packed day stretched our joy and excitement. Young and free we think is the line, it was a time of freeing up our fun side.
Better you experience it with your own eyes on Facebook.

That was crowned with a super dinner at KFC. We couldn’t wish for anymore because we had received the best of the day.

No one knows the full experience or what tomorrow might carry but only God.
One thing we have learnt is that everyday we meet new people on our journey and everyone of them matters because they make our experience matter. So live everyday treasuring people that come into your life because you never know how much they would make your life matter.
Thank you Calvary City Church and Church Of Praise for making our first experience of Malaysia in Johor Bahru matter so much. Your love and support has seen us off to Sibu with no worries but hope that God will continue writing His story through us.
God greatly bless you.

Tell a friend to tell a friend that we still have more concerts in Malaysia. Check to find out our tour schedule and come join us as we celebrate the story of God’s signs and wonders.

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