How many people have promised you in life and how many have actually fulfilled these promises? Hahahah we guess not so many live up to their word.
Well this week, we walked in God’s promises. On Tuesday 3rd April, Watoto Children’s Choir 88 landed in the land of Sibu for the first time. It was the first time Sibu was hosting the choir. So we were glad that God was opening up new doors taking us to nations that we haven’t been to before yet they were eagerly awaiting us.

Sibu is located in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. It is an inland town that is located at the convergence of two rivers; the Rajang River and the Igan River. Sibu is situated on an estimated distance of 183km from the state capital of Sarawak, Kuching. Sibu is a small friendly town that is famous for the longhouses of Iban and Ulu locals.


Our hosts Methodist theological school and Methodist pilley institute
Where God has called you, He will provide. We are all on a journey and we are strangers in this world but on a mission. Do you know your mission or are you discouraged within the mission. Wherever you are from, we want to let you know that God has already prepared every footstep that’s ahead of you.

This week we have been hosted by the Methodist Theological School and Methodist Pilley Institute which are all affiliated with the Methodist Church of Malaysia. There isn’t a day that has gone by without experiencing the care and love of our hosts. This is why we say we not worried about this journey because where He has called us, He has already prepared.

We were also blessed with an opportunity of visiting their children’s homes whose history is somewhat a sister to our history as Watoto ChildCare Ministries.
Their children’s home was started with two missionaries just like Watoto.
We had a great evening as we shared dinner with the children and heard their stories.

Concerts in Sibu
From 4-8th April, we sung and danced to the beat of God’s love on God’s great dance floor here in Sibu.
The people were so amazed at the sound of hope that we carried despite of the fact that we were coming from Uganda in Africa. Our story as Watoto inspired so many that their perception about Africa changed but more so, many heard the sound of Signs & Wonders of God’s love for them and they were able to start a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the greatest of everything, as people make the best decision of their lives by choosing light or life.
Have you made that decision? Think about if not. (John3:16).
We thank Methodist Pilley Institute, Woodlands International School, Zion Methodist Church, Methodist Secondary School, SJKC Methodist Primary School, and Masland Methodist Church for being such vessels through which we were able to share our story.

Visiting sites
This is an opportunity that doesn’t come so often, so when it comes, our eyes and hearts embrace it with so much appreciation and focus so as not to miss out on anything.
As a choir together with the Methodist Pilley Institute Students, we had an educational tour through the central town of Sibu, the market which is a complete setting of markets back home and then finally the Sibu museum.

During the market visit which we really enjoyed, we had breakfast in groups then after that, we had activities similar to the treasure hunt game though this time around, we knew what we were to search for within the market goods. It was very interesting to see us compete in our different groups. Not only was it just a game but also educational as we got to see and learn some agricultural products.

Visiting mMoma
Moma is a water bottle making company.


This company was started by a group people with an aim of producing very clean and trusted water for people though its biggest picture is to serve families.
So as a family of Watoto, we watched with amazement how machines make bottles, put water into bottles, seal the bottle and finally, do the packing with no man labour involved was so eye catching that left us in wonder
More to this. we were taught a lot about reasons for drinking water, how to purify water, and so many more others.
We count it joy that through this journey and experience, God has enabled us to acquire knowledge in so many ways.
“Knowledge is power, information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every family.” Shakuntala Devi.
We are glad as Watoto because the leaders we are raising are acquiring such tremendous knowledge even at a young age.

Are you raising the next generation?
Join us in raising the world tomorrow as we rescue and rebuild the lives of these abandoned children.

Pick of the week.
We got to know we were the first Watoto Choir in Sibu but little did we know that to the majority we were the first Africans they had ever seen in their lives. So they asked to take pictures everytime.


There is nothing so sweet and fulfilling like going to the ends of the world to declare the goodness of God. We are glad we are taking apart of the greatest commission
(Matthew 28:19).

Join us in our second last week of our tour in Kuching. Do you have a friend or are you in Kuching? Just follow us on Watoto.Asia.

God bless you.

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