Back home in Uganda we say ‘Webale Nnyo’, which means thank you so much.
As choir88 we want to say webale webale webale nnyo.


“Behind every champion there is great inspiration.” Mark Pius.

We are champions who have run our race so well and our crown is every experience we have encountered that has left us with great memories. Our inspiration has been every soul that we have met and they have become family as they have loved, guided, cared, and helped us in so many ways.

Our greatest inspiration has been God, one who has opened so many doors for us to find this great experience and also given us courage to run this race.

“Give thanks to the Lord and pray to Him. Tell the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, Sing praises to Him and tell all the wonderful things He has done.” 1 Chronicles16:8-9.

From every platform that is from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia that we have been given we have shared one story of Signs & Wonders of God’s love for us.
This is our story and our song, He has redeemed and called us His very own.
Out of the ashes He lifted us, He set out on higher ground, now we live with confidence knowing that no matter what may come our way we will not be shaken or be moved for we are signs and wonders.
God has made everything new for us, we were souls that once were abandoned but today, we know we are children of God who are no longer slaves to fear of our past, for they have been drowned in His perfect love.
This has been our race. To go out to the corners of Asia and tell of this story as we sing and dance on God’s great dance floor. But also as we share through our testimonies of how once we and our mothers have been vulnerable but now we have been changed, healed, freed and delivered. We have found joy, peace, grace and favour. Surely we won’t go back to way things used to be before His presence came and changed us.
We have shared this story to wherever we have been given an ear so that the souls can also have an experience of how good God’s love is. So that they can also come, feel, and stand alive just like us. We have carried one desire at heart; seeking everyday that His Kingdom come and His will be done upon us and everywhere we go.
For six months, we have been celebrating our story as we danced to the beat of God’s love, a love that is deeper than all fears, stronger than our past and higher than our hopes. We have heard and seen so many testimonies happen and surely God’s love burst forth echoing in so many hearts.

Day by day, we have lived every moment and we are glad we have made it to the end.
We have had not only a shoulder but shoulders that have carried us through all storms and valleys. There are no words good enough to speak of your love, care, support, sacrifices, and prayers for us. We want to say for everything you have done webale nnyo and forever we will cherish you at heart because together, we have made mark of Signs  & Wonders.

Our race has been embraced with so many highlights as you can read from all our blogs or even follow our experiences on Facebook at #keepingupwithchoir88 and #Choir88Asia. So many beautiful and amazing things we have seen and experienced, surely we serve a God of wonders.

There is a time to come and time to go, a time to start and time to finish.
We came and started this race in Hong Kong and we have finished it in Malaysia and its time now to go back home in Uganda, East Africa.

This is not the end of it all, for our story is so big that we can’t stop sharing it to ends of the world until all have heard and believed. ( Mathew28:19)
Over the hills and the mountains in every nation we will always echo what the Lord has done for us.

If you have experienced or been a part of this beautiful story, know that more is yet to come. So get to our website and see when the next choir will be in your town or your country. Don’t keep the light to your self, shine this light to your family, friends, neighbours and your enemies hahahaha for you never know who might need to hear this sound of hope.

May the Lord bless you and take care of you, may the Lord be kind and gracious to you, may the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace, Amen.

We are all God’s Signs & Wonders.

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