While in Liverpool the choir was given an opportunity to visit the the Anfield Stadium and its wonderful Museum. This blew the kids away especially the liverpool fanatics.

The kids and adults had an opportunity to tour around the Museum and the field its self. It was such a nice red experience for the whole team.

The statute at the entry would give  you an idea of what you are yet to experience on the inside which symbolised championship.

We got to see the different displays of the team’s trophies, medals, uniforms and history about players and coaches. The red coloured museum left the kids astonished and hardly believing that what was a name of a team back in Uganda is now physical and close to their faces.

The major trophies which Liverpool calls the FAB FOUR were all right there and all their historical trophies were displayed.

The choir took pictures and enjoyed this one off experience of the Liverpool football club in the Anifield stadium.

We were taken around by one of the staff members and he made sure we enjoyed to see almost all that there was for us to see and a big thank you goes to him.

before we go in

kids in front of the FAB FOUR



group walks into the stadium

uncles Isaac and Geoffrey love it in Anfield

why not

thank you


It was such a good red experience for us in Anfield as we ventured into the last month of our tour.



We travelled to beautiful Ireland by ferry and that was one cool experience for the kids. It was their first time to travel on water and for sure they enjoyed it.

We arrived at Belfast and had a long drive to Derry on our lovely coach. We found a lovely group of Irish people waiting to take us to their lovely homes.

We then moved on to Buncrana in the Republic of ireland. It was such a green, hilly and wet area of the country with lovely people who just loved family life.

With this kind of love and kindness we had no choice but to enjoy our stay with the people and church of Scotland.

uncle Ronnie on his way to the lounge on the ferry

uncle Geofrey relaxes while on the ferry

Aunties Liz and Nimlet grab a snack during the sail

uncles Geofrey, Herbert, Isaac take a snap during the sail

out on the wonderful sea

a snap with uncle Billy

girl time

back in the host home

good times

really good times

quality time

looks like they are enjoying themselves

great service

after a great meal at ubiquitous restaurant

off for a good day off

joy after a good meal

We loved it in Ireland and we hopefully will be back in the future.


what a beautiful country, green with beautiful hills and above all amazing people with  very interesting accents from place to place. As a choir we had a chance to travel to different cities of Scotland, our first stop was in the city of Glasgow.

We had a great time with the family of Victory Christian Centre where we staid for two nights.

We then moved on to different venues including schools for example Stanley Primary School. The school children always enjoyed seeing and celebrating together with fellow children from Africa. The watoto Children’s choir has never left the school children the same. All the kids are left talking about the energy the choir has, the smiles, life and the hope they carry with them every where they go.

We surely had a great time in the beautiful land of scotland and we were so blessed by the different churches we visited. The Scottish people surely have big, generous and lively hearts and are warm in a cold country, though that time around the weather was so warm with the sun out, people taking their dogs for walks, couples enjoying the moments, families spending time together and young people staying out till let under the sky that goes dark at 9:00 pm and later  in the night

our first stop in Glasgow, Victory christian church


Kids at the Edinburgh Castle

boy's evening out

boys have fun on the ropes

friends forever

fun in the schools of Scotland

great moments

almost frog jumping

go girls

uncle Julius did not miss out on the fun

some help would do

As a choir we had amazing moments with the different families that hosted us in the different churches we visited in Scotland. we spent great moments together,  that we shall always remember. Thank you our dear hosts we shall always love you.

moments to remember

big love


cool driver ever

the train

great smiles

a moment of seriousness

great kids, great tour

great moments

nothing can hide their beauty

pink is beautiful but these faces add more to it

pretty girl in pink

big love Scotland


We had our last concert in Scotland before heading for Ireland on the 8th of may in Irvine, Ayrshire at the The Bridge Church. We had a lively audience and great support and love from this family church. They surely gave us a lovely fare well. The kids gave their best in the concert as they are known for that.

Sylvia introduces the choir

the real thing begins

it all just got better

good energy


power dancing

great creativity

saved the best for the last song.

Thanks to all you good people of Scotland for blessing Watoto for all these years. We are grateful for all the love and generosity toward us. God be with you all.