Choir 50 Back Home After US Tour

In September 2011, Watoto Children’s Choir 50 set out to launch the new tour programme, Beautiful Africa: A New Generation. It was the first choir to present this dynamic production that is currently touring Australia, Canada, UK and the US.

The choir toured the West Coast of America and thousands of people came into contact with their life-impacting message of hope.

“People welcomed us as missionaries, sharing the love of Christ in a society that is lost and without hope,” says Jesse Ntaborwa, Assistant Team Leader.

The tour was an eye-opening learning experience for the children. All of them have lost one or both parents and were rescued from desperate situations before joining the Watoto family.

“The children talked about Jesus, shared their stories and prayed with people. Everyday we were grateful to be able to share the good news of God’s healing power with many different people,” recalled Paula Buzu, Choir 50 Team Leader during a welcome home party at Watoto Church in Kampala, Uganda.

“Sponsoring a child is more than giving money. It is about transforming a life. Beautiful Africa is the story of a new generation of Africa’s leaders who are ready to transform their continent,” Paula concludes.

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Choir 50 Christmas…

The festive season has found us in the great state of California and i will run through the events that happened pre and post christmas day! A day that the children and adults will not forget! All of us have been enjoying the christmas break and the rest came in handy, even though its coming to and end, it has all been a blessing 7 days of rest. We arrived at the Tahquitz camp in Idyllwild area carlifornia, situated approx. 5,350 feet above sea level, the camp has amazing scenery with mountains sorrounding it, snow fell and the children were able to feel snow and most of all enjoy a white christmas. The drive to the camp is breath taking and even better when you get to the camp itself. The next day (boxing day), we were invited to attend a christmas party and the Oasis church with Phillip and Holy Wagner, an amazing couple with an amazing team of people who made our christmas a special and memorable one, first taking us to a lunchon and then back to the church for a christmas party where eveyr one got gifts and stockings with lots of candy and treats! As you can tell, the children were blown away and the adults were just teeth up all the time!! Here are some pics:)

A little bit of the Tahquitz Camp

Putting Jackets down and ready for dinner:)

Seriously ready for some serious food:)

Walking through to our luncheon.

Food is great here:)

Pastor Phillip Wagner with some of the children!

The boys had fun for sure!

The girls had fun too!!!

Some Christmas carols:)

Getting on for a fun ride

Time for opening gifts!!

Recording with T-bone feat. Israel Houghton

As the Christmas break comes closer for Watoto children’s choir 50, today we got an opportunity to record and spend time with re-known hip hop gospel artist T-Bone and his crew at his studios in California recording a hit song where he is featuring Israel Houghton and the Watoto children’s choir, the song ‘ He’s gat the whole world in His hands’ is expected to be out within the first quarter of next year so all y’all T-bone/Israel Houghton and watoto children’s choir be sure to look out for it and spread the word!! it was such an amazing time full of fun and singing for Jesus! T-Bone is coming with more of his band members to a live concert tomorrow at Helmet Methodist Church in Helmet, California so those of you who can make it make sure you come and don’t miss out!


Watoto with T-bone


the children getting ready to record


T-Bone and his wife

T-Bone's producer, Uncle Scott praying for the recording before it started!


Watoto starting to record! And having fun at it!!


Doing a t.v show with JCTV!


T-Bone saying hi aboard the watoto choir bus!


T-Bone hanging out with some of the Aunties and uncles on watoto choir 50!


T-Bone sending the choir off with God's blessings!