Home here we come!

Sunday 22nd was an incredibly great day. All packed up we got on the bus for the airport. We stopped along the way for one last meal then headed to the airport. The bus was unusually quiet. Everyone thinking of life ahead and without one another. The journey had come to an end!

Can’t believe it is my last one!

Last memories!

Everyone say Cheese!

Ope, the girls and I

One last hug please!

Home at last!


One group picture in memory of Team 52 Our family!

How much fun did we have? 

If I had a chance I would do this tour all over again! We are one team united in love, committed to serving one another with Compassion, humility and excellence, growing in the likeness of Jesus Christ as we make him known to raise awareness and support for Watoto Childcare Ministries. Thank you Children for making this vision a reality, thank you aunties and uncles for making it a possibility thanks to our Father without whom it would not happen.





12 Amazing weeks of God’s faithfulness!

We have surely seen God’s faithfulness. We asked for souls before this tour started. We have seen at least 1000 souls saved as a result of our Concerts of Hope from January to July 22nd. Countless lives have been touched as a result, including our own lives. We are so anxious as we approach the end of tour with mixed emotions. Very happy to he heading home yet very sad to be leaving all the friends we have met along the way and worse we will part company. We will always remain one family, Choir 52!