Emmanuella and Steven of Choir 82

It’s been an awesome 5 months of tour  in the US and only 2 weeks left before we return home.

Here are our youngest Steven and Emmanuelle. Only 7 years old who have illuminated the hearts of people with their beautiful smiles and acts of worship.

“I’ve enjoyed eating yogurt and ice cream”, says Emmanuella.


“I’ve enjoyed playing in the ocean water and in the park”, says Steven.


Steven loves playing soccer too.

Both Steven and Emmanuelle come from one of the Watoto Homes in the Northern part of Uganda called Laminadera. They were rescued as little babies and now they are confident, Happy and brilliant children.

Thank you Uncle John

He’s a father, an uncle, a teacher, a mentor and most of all Watoto Children’s Choir Bus Driver for all the Watoto U.S teams. He goes by many titles. His name is John Matiyosus.

Uncle John started serving with the Choir 8 years ago.

“I love serving with  the Watoto Children’s Choir.  My greatest moments are when I meet the new Aunties and Uncles and the Children who are traveling for the very first time in the U.S,” he says.

Uncle John with Daisy, Lucy and Abigail..

Uncle John with Daisy, Lucy and Abigail..

From the day Choir 82 landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC, September 26th,2016;  Uncle John has been taking good care of us while capturing every moment on his camera.

“Since  I started touring, I have come across about 300 children and I absolutely love all of them,” he adds.

He doesn’t stop at taking care of Choir teams that travel to the U.S, he also sponsors 5 children. For the next 6 months he’ll be traveling with Choir 84 in the Mid-West of the U.S who will be touring with our new production called Signs and Wonders. We wish him and the team an amazing experience as they testify of God’s greatness.

Uncle John with the children on Choir 82

Uncle John with the children on Choir 82


Bags packed, visas ready, USA National Anthem written on our hearts and the children are excited. Come 26th September 2016, Watoto Children’s Choir 82 team will be landing in Washington DC.

A 28-member team comprising of 18 children and 10 adults, ready to change the world for Christ with songs of hope for the next 6 months. We shall be in states like Virginia, North and South Carolina, Maine, New Jersey and other states at the Eastern Caost. Are you ready to receive us?

After 5 months of practice and great memories created, now it’s time to tell the world what God has been doing in Africa.

“When I get to America, I’ll eat a burger,” says 7-years-old Emmanuella.

USA, here we come!!!


The children learning the USA National Anthem


Choir 82 after the Visa Interview


“O say can you see….”


Bags already packed

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