Beautiful Moments

Edith was once a member of the Watoto Children’s Choir. She is now travelling with Choir Choir 96 in the U.S.A as an auntie.

Edith recently met the women who sponsored her as a child. “These wonderful ladies sponsored me faithfully through school. Always took turns writing letters to me. Never missed any of my birthdays. Even though we had never seen each other physically, I knew I had people who loved me. I was overwhelmed with joy seeing my heroes,” says Edith.

Sponsorship changes lives. It changed Edith’s. Thank you to all the Watoto sponsors!

Choir 89 At The Brawley Police Station, California

The children on choir 89 had a chance to go Brawley Police Station, California. They met with the chief and different policemen there. The chief also took them around and just showed them the different parts of the station and equipment.

Thank you to all our friends and partners for inspiring our children.