CHOIR 88: DREAMS CAN BE WALKED (Highlights of the twentieth week)

He who dreams not is as good as dead. “

What are your dreams and what have you dreamt in the past? Have you walked your dreams yet?

Choir88 at Google 


What do you think of this? Am sure you think it’s normal because everything is on google. Well we are not talking about the google on your phone, tablet, or computer but the real google land.


How God makes our dreams come true is another mystery. We have learnt that, it’s not ours to worry how our dreams will come to pass but it’s for God. All we have to do is to live everyday and live it to the best doing all you have to do because you never know today could be the stem to the developing tomorrow branch.

On the 3rd and 4th of March, we had concerts and one of them was attended by one of the google officials Ashley Woods, an associate brand marketing manager and she was inspired by our story. It’s from her heart that God yielded our journey to google land.

Can you imagine the questions that could have been rooming in our heads at that moment? How do they do everything they do? How is it possible that they literally have information almost about everything in the world and even the latest? Hahhahaha it was all questions but guess what! We found our answers in this adventure.

Not only was it educational but also very inspiring.

If our feet could speak they would complain to our eyes because the eyes were trapped in the beauty so made perfect and molded with excellence. It was such an awesome experience.


Surely our eyes were left in amazement.

Visiting schools

Reaching out to young souls is not only building the world today but even tomorrow. It’s been four months and we have visited so many schools and one thing that stands out is that whenever students listen to stories of Watoto children, they are so inspired and motivated to dream big, not to take things for granted but more to be happy knowing they are created unique and special.

We visited St, Andrew’s Village Schools, Enfants Educare Pte Ltd, and it was such an amazing experience with these souls and not only for them but also for us.





Visiting St Luke’s Eldercare Whampoa

How old do you wish to live? To live long and healthy is a blessing only from God. Spending some time with these elderly was like being surrounded by books with stories and experiences about life. “To live is to see and experience.” We had a great worship moment with the elders that left them in joy and smiles that only the peace of God can bring.




Concert on Saturday

Signs and wonders of God’s love upon us is our story. We have been lifted from the darkest places to the brightest places. What we echo is not pain but our victory and hope for the future. We are excited to share this love to the whole world because before God’s eyes everyone matters.

“Your legacy is as good as your influence.”

We are greatful to God for touching those around with his touch of love.

Sunday moments

Choir 88 on Sunday 11th March was divided into two groups that went to worship together with Calvary Baptist Church and Gospel Baptist Church. Then later rejoined at Judson Baptist Church and it was another great worship experience. It was the first time experience for all the people to hear about Watoto and our story. It left every soul so happy and inspired. The pictures can tell the excitement.

We are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). Where is no light there is darkness and he who is in darkness needs light. We count it a big blessing that our light is shining so bright to so many people around the world. We can’t stay silent because then what would our light be for?

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:16‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

We count it a blessing to be able to share our story to the world so that they may know and believe our God of signs and wonders.


Have you heard of this our story? If not, then it’s not too late. Just go to to find out about our tour schedule if you are in Asia. But if you outside Asia, just go to and find out when the choir will be in your home area or country. We all need light and God is light.


God bless you and thank you all for supporting us always. We love you.


What was your dream when you were still young?

Are you what you dreamt to be today when you were still young?
Whether that is a yes or no, it all depends on the foundation and the builders of that dream in that young heart you had then.

I remember those days when as children we dreamt of being doctors, pilots, engineers, presidents, name it yet today, less than 10% are exactly what they always dreamt of being as young children.
So does this mean that it is impossible to attain the dreams we beheld then?
Certainly not, “We believe nothing is impossible with God.”

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew‬ ‭19:26‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Like I said earlier it depends on the foundation and builders. The foundation being reasons why and builders being those and everything around you and who or what speaks in your life.
As Watoto we treasure every dream that our children have because these dreams will rebuild our nation and our world.

Today we bring you 10-year-old Bazil Odong who dreams to be a world changer by telling of the world about the love of Jesus that he believes has changed and transformed his life.



“I am Bazil, when I grow up I want to be a pastor because I want to preach the word of God to the world so that it can be transformed. I love my home back in Watoto Laminadera Village in Gulu, northern Uganda because there are brothers sisters, friends and my mother who love me so much. I have liked so much playing football on tour and my best friend is Toby.


Bazil with his best friend Tobby


Bazil with his host family on tour

My favourite food is chicken, pork and chips. On tour I have learnt to be kind to people because our hosts have been so kind to us by allowing us in their homes.


Bazil with one of his hosts in Hong Kong

I have also learnt to be faithful with what God has given me in life because some people don’t have it.

Bazil came from a broken family before he joined Watoto. He lost his Dad to severe chronic cancer and his mother became so weak because of diseases and taking so much alcohol, therefore she couldn’t take care of Bazil and his siblings anymore. Bazil and his siblings were rescued by Watoto from the harm they were prone to, to a place where they found new hope and family.


Happy Bazil today

Bazil has grown up to a very confident, wise, passionate and jolly child. One thing I know about Bazil, he loves singing or call it worshipping.  No wonder he wants to be a pastor and he is ever smiling no matter what.

He is a such a young soul yet with such a burning passion within his heart for God. His eyes are always looking out for beauty.

I can only imagine what a great world changer he will be then if he is already causing change in people’s lives on tour.


“The levels of success we have are because of the levels of passion we hold.”

During a conversation with Bazil he said two statements that astonished me and I believe you will be too.

“Before I die, I want to make sure I finish all my work (purpose) so then I can die fulfilled.”
Wow! Guess what I expected, sky diving, having children, name it. But what a mind and heart that is within this young soul! A heart that seeks to accomplish his purpose here on earth.

“I advise all the children to work hard so that they can achieve their dreams in future”
He knows and understands that he can only get gold after mining it from underneath.

I don’t know how many children are in the world but one thing I know every child is a gift from God.
Look around you and give a hand to a child whose dream is dying either by giving them a reason to dream, caring, providing for them what they need to live.

“What or where is the world tomorrow if these young souls die or have no reason to dream?”

To all Watoto partners and sponsors, thanks so much for making a difference and giving these children a reason to dream. You are rebuilding the world through your contribution. If you want to make a difference by supporting a child today wherever you are, go to for more information and you can also come meet Bazil and other children on their tour in Asia. Visit to see the tour schedule for the concerts in your area.

Some of the moments when Bazil is enjoying tour

“This is my story and I am a miracle.”


Thanks so much and God bless you.

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What a way to begin!

It has been 14 days so far in Hong Kong and we can confidently say it’s worth God’s grace. We have enjoyed every moment. Surely, a young puppy with its mother can explain our kind of joy.

Well, the past seven days have been an icing sugar on the cake. Filled up with so many experiences of connecting with people, host families, worship experiences, lots of fun moments and mostly telling the story of God’s love.

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ;
Tuesday and Wednesday were days of worship and praise with some refugees in Hong Kong. Tears of joy running down in the hearts of many as they experienced the touch of God’s comfort and hope as we shared the story that God is writing through Watoto. It was a fellowship of God’s children together from all over the world.

Moments  in pictures of sharing the love of Jesus. 

Our very first concert;
We had our first full concert of Signs & Wonders in Asia. This was milestone and the beginning of what God is going to do through this tour. “Light has come to them that are lost in darkness and they will experience signs and wonders of God’s love through the message we carry.”

Some of the moments in pictures.

Some children meeting their sponsors
I call this a dream come true meeting a person, family or group of people who have generously decided to take care of you as child. Every sponsor is not just anyone in the life of the children or child they sponsor but they are family and friends for these children. So a child meeting their sponsor is a big dream come true since it equals experiencing the love of God at work in reality. Well the picture below can explain better.

Cultural day on Sunday;
Bountiful experiences with various cultures around the world which were eye catching in Hong Kong at the cultural centre. Well Watoto Children’s Choir 88 was blessed to have honoured the occasion. By God’s grace we were able to bless hundreds of people that had an experience with the choir’s presentation.

Learning how to shoot a video in 360;
A team from one of the universities in Hong Kong will be having a day they have called Watoto African day where they will be speaking about Africa and promoting Africa. Watoto choir 88 will be presenting there but before the presentation there will be a short video of Watoto children’s choir that the students will watch using  the virtual reality glasses in 360.

The team trained us well and gave us the experience of the 360 video and we were only left with making our very own. It was such an experience.  New to us but we did it anyway.


Having fun with host families
Every day was a day to have life in its fullness and faithfully we did enjoy. Very many moments and stories that only pictures can tell.

We can’t wait to see what the third week  carries because everyday of the second week was an inspiration for the  next day daily.

So stay connected as we bring you the third week.