Kuching is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. It is also the capital of Kuching Division. The city is situated on the Sarawak River at the southwest tip of the state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo and covers an area of 431 square kilometres (166 sq mi) with population about 165,642. It’s also a bustling, diverse city of old colonial buildings and modern towers.

Tuesday 10th April at dawn, we arrived in this land after a long drive through the night from Sibu where we were for a full week. The atmosphere was as good as sea breeze at the beach in summer. The atmosphere we are talking about is not the weather but warm loving and generous hands of our host Mr. Phillip, who opened the door to a massive mansion for Watoto Choir 88 to stay in for a full week.


Mr. Phillip in a floral shirt.

Honest and kind first impression will last forever but a false one will only last for a while.” Mark Pius.

This atmosphere was not just for a while, we enjoyed the calm breath of care and love that evening, when we dined with the church hosts to the churches we had to minister our story of Signs & Wonders during the week. On and on with so much excitement that has kept us brilliant and inspired throughout this whole time in Kuching.


“Never underestimate the power of His presence. When Jesus shows up, everything changes! There is no substitution for the presence of Jesus.”Marilyn Skinner.

Wherever we go and share our story, there is one thing we know for sure, the presence of God is always with us because of so many great testimonies that people share as a result of God’s presence that’s with us in all that we do, surely we are children of God.

“For in Him we live and move and exist [that is, in Him we actually have our being], as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.’” ACTS‬ ‭17:28‬ ‭AMP‬‬.

We have had six concerts in Kuching since Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th. These concerts have been a life changing experience to every church we have been to, seeing so many people give their life to Jesus. Our big highlight was at Blessed Church on Saturday where we witnessed more than 100 people receive God’s grace and love. The heavens just like us jubilated, just  like the father felt after setting his eyes on his prodigal son come back, so did we after witnessing such glory.
We are very grateful to Calvary Family Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Good News Fellowship, Blessed Church and Chin Fu Methodist Church for hosting us this week. May God greatly bless you.

Peaks of the week

One of the peak highlight of this week was people choosing to work with us in everything we always do daily. We mention it not because it hasn’t happened before but this week was one of its kind. We sold merchandise and our brand new CDs of signs and wonders until we had nothing left but instead people were signing up to order for more which will be sent to them. This was great because this is equally supporting the neighborhood women back at home who make these awesome things and also support children’s ministry.

The second peak of the day was spending our last day in Kuching at Damai beach resort which was sponsored by Blessed Church.


The view, features around, the breeze of the sea, swimming pools, and the lovely people around caught our attention. Let the pictures tell you what our experiences looked like.

This was not all, we had dinner with senior pastor of Blessed Church Pastor, GT Lim, who really spoke so well about Watoto’s vision and story of what God is doing through Watoto.


Pastor GT Lim in a striped cardigan speaking during the Watoto concert

What a great way to seal such an awesome experience in Kuching.

The last peak highlight is about the young men of Echo Sound Equipment Company, who have been working with us both in Sibu and Kuching.

Every word and action that comes from you carries such a heavy influence to the eyes that you both can see and can’t see, what is the world that you making from your influence?” Mark Pius.

For two weeks, we have worked with these young men and day by day, they have been inspired by the stories that children carry and the story of Signs & Wonders. More so by the way we live our life on our journey. They testified that their lives weren’t left the same and they had developed a strong desire for knowing God. To seal it, one of the members told his mother about us and how we inspired him that the mother who just heard about us gave us such a wonderful art piece which is handcrafted showing last supper of Jesus and his disciples.

We are glad that we indeed walk and move with the presence of God wherever we go because it is so contagious that it never leaves those around us the same.
As we head to our last destination for this tour in Kuala Lumpur for a week, we want to say thank you to everyone who chooses to support us by sponsoring, giving of your money, resources and time and also invite everyone to come and we worship, dance and sing together on God’s great dance floor. Invite everyone in Malaysia to come, by checking on our website, the dance floor is big enough.


See you on God’s great dance floor.
God bless you all.



How many people have promised you in life and how many have actually fulfilled these promises? Hahahah we guess not so many live up to their word.
Well this week, we walked in God’s promises. On Tuesday 3rd April, Watoto Children’s Choir 88 landed in the land of Sibu for the first time. It was the first time Sibu was hosting the choir. So we were glad that God was opening up new doors taking us to nations that we haven’t been to before yet they were eagerly awaiting us.

Sibu is located in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. It is an inland town that is located at the convergence of two rivers; the Rajang River and the Igan River. Sibu is situated on an estimated distance of 183km from the state capital of Sarawak, Kuching. Sibu is a small friendly town that is famous for the longhouses of Iban and Ulu locals.


Our hosts Methodist theological school and Methodist pilley institute
Where God has called you, He will provide. We are all on a journey and we are strangers in this world but on a mission. Do you know your mission or are you discouraged within the mission. Wherever you are from, we want to let you know that God has already prepared every footstep that’s ahead of you.

This week we have been hosted by the Methodist Theological School and Methodist Pilley Institute which are all affiliated with the Methodist Church of Malaysia. There isn’t a day that has gone by without experiencing the care and love of our hosts. This is why we say we not worried about this journey because where He has called us, He has already prepared.

We were also blessed with an opportunity of visiting their children’s homes whose history is somewhat a sister to our history as Watoto ChildCare Ministries.
Their children’s home was started with two missionaries just like Watoto.
We had a great evening as we shared dinner with the children and heard their stories.

Concerts in Sibu
From 4-8th April, we sung and danced to the beat of God’s love on God’s great dance floor here in Sibu.
The people were so amazed at the sound of hope that we carried despite of the fact that we were coming from Uganda in Africa. Our story as Watoto inspired so many that their perception about Africa changed but more so, many heard the sound of Signs & Wonders of God’s love for them and they were able to start a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the greatest of everything, as people make the best decision of their lives by choosing light or life.
Have you made that decision? Think about if not. (John3:16).
We thank Methodist Pilley Institute, Woodlands International School, Zion Methodist Church, Methodist Secondary School, SJKC Methodist Primary School, and Masland Methodist Church for being such vessels through which we were able to share our story.

Visiting sites
This is an opportunity that doesn’t come so often, so when it comes, our eyes and hearts embrace it with so much appreciation and focus so as not to miss out on anything.
As a choir together with the Methodist Pilley Institute Students, we had an educational tour through the central town of Sibu, the market which is a complete setting of markets back home and then finally the Sibu museum.

During the market visit which we really enjoyed, we had breakfast in groups then after that, we had activities similar to the treasure hunt game though this time around, we knew what we were to search for within the market goods. It was very interesting to see us compete in our different groups. Not only was it just a game but also educational as we got to see and learn some agricultural products.

Visiting mMoma
Moma is a water bottle making company.


This company was started by a group people with an aim of producing very clean and trusted water for people though its biggest picture is to serve families.
So as a family of Watoto, we watched with amazement how machines make bottles, put water into bottles, seal the bottle and finally, do the packing with no man labour involved was so eye catching that left us in wonder
More to this. we were taught a lot about reasons for drinking water, how to purify water, and so many more others.
We count it joy that through this journey and experience, God has enabled us to acquire knowledge in so many ways.
“Knowledge is power, information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every family.” Shakuntala Devi.
We are glad as Watoto because the leaders we are raising are acquiring such tremendous knowledge even at a young age.

Are you raising the next generation?
Join us in raising the world tomorrow as we rescue and rebuild the lives of these abandoned children.

Pick of the week.
We got to know we were the first Watoto Choir in Sibu but little did we know that to the majority we were the first Africans they had ever seen in their lives. So they asked to take pictures everytime.


There is nothing so sweet and fulfilling like going to the ends of the world to declare the goodness of God. We are glad we are taking apart of the greatest commission
(Matthew 28:19).

Join us in our second last week of our tour in Kuching. Do you have a friend or are you in Kuching? Just follow us on Watoto.Asia.

God bless you.

CHOIR 88 IN MALAYSIA (Week 23 highlights)



Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It’s known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences.

Tuesday 27th march we travelled by bus to Malaysia and our first stop was in Johor Bahru.

The Johor Bahru District is a district located in the southern part of Johor, Malaysia.
The main economy activities in the district are international trading, manufacturing, medical and healthcare.

The genesis of our journey in Malaysia Johor Bahru
Same story that we carry everywhere that God has called us to minister is the same story we carry to this land of Malaysia which somewhat is like our home back in Uganda.

Have you ever imagined the journey of Jesus’ ministry?
He moved everyday of His life just to share good news with people He met. This was not by car or by modern technology that we have today. He walked, spoke with his strength to 1000s of people, for a very long time.
The question is, what gave Him the inspiration to do so despite the hard work which was even despised by the very people He reached out to?
Jesus carried a story that He knew was full of light, love, comfort, truth, deliverance, and answers to the questions that the world has. What story do you carry and what does it contain? Pause and ponder about it.
Today we carry the same message of hope that God has placed in our hearts and our inspiration is that there is some one out there who needs it just like we did a few years ago before God changed our story.


That’s why we love what we’re doing even after five months down the road.

Our first two days that is; Tuesday and Wednesday, were motivational due to the care and gratitude that we felt from these warm hearts that we met.

“What inspires a traveller on his unknown journey as he travels is realising that the features around are like the ones on his map.” Mark Pius

Such a grand welcome and joy gives us more reason to share our story with so much confidence knowing that where we are is home. Church of praise and Calvary City Church gave us such a shoulder touch that made us rise beyond the unknown encounters. First two days experience in Johor Bahru.

First two concerts with Calvary City Church
Thursday and Good Friday were a fount of redeeming stories that shone so bright through the hearts of so many. Like always, we never stop to reach out to the people and pray with them, take pictures, encourage and comfort them. People showed so much support for our merchandise and sponsorship which was another sign that they gratefully received our story.

Moments of the first two concerts


Last two concerts in Johor Bahru with Church Of Praise
Saturday and Easter Sunday were indeed days of praise. As everyone was already in the Easter seasons and reminded of the greatest love ever demonstrated, nothing could hold our praises from lifting off the rooftops and breaking the ground.
Easter season was greatly celebrated as so many left with grateful hearts after being transformed by the story of signs and wonders of God’s love for them.

Moments at Church Of Praise

Fun packed day at Legoland Malaysia

This was the best icing sugar that could ever be used on such a great mighty cake of Easter praise experience from Thursday to Easter Sunday.
Church Of Praise sponsored us to go have our Easter Monday’s experience at the legoland water park. From the youngest child to oldest adult, our bodies can testify of how this fun packed day stretched our joy and excitement. Young and free we think is the line, it was a time of freeing up our fun side.
Better you experience it with your own eyes on Facebook.

That was crowned with a super dinner at KFC. We couldn’t wish for anymore because we had received the best of the day.

No one knows the full experience or what tomorrow might carry but only God.
One thing we have learnt is that everyday we meet new people on our journey and everyone of them matters because they make our experience matter. So live everyday treasuring people that come into your life because you never know how much they would make your life matter.
Thank you Calvary City Church and Church Of Praise for making our first experience of Malaysia in Johor Bahru matter so much. Your love and support has seen us off to Sibu with no worries but hope that God will continue writing His story through us.
God greatly bless you.

Tell a friend to tell a friend that we still have more concerts in Malaysia. Check to find out our tour schedule and come join us as we celebrate the story of God’s signs and wonders.