The remainder of Choir 61’s QLD adventure!

Choir 61 thoroughly enjoyed the rest of their time in Queensland in May with many adventures and a lot of fun. More awareness has been raised and many new sponsors have joined the Watoto community!

In mid-May we had the opportunity to perform and share our stories with many people at the Watoto Gala Dinner & Concert. We enjoyed the food and company as we mingled with guests throughout the evening. We were so excited to have been a part of this night which saw over $23,000 raised to support Watoto’s self-sustainability initiatives.

Uncle Mark & Uncle Ronnie auctioning off a beautiful painting which was donated

Uncle Mark & Uncle Ronnie auctioning off a beautiful painting which was donated

The Watoto drummers showing off their skills during Beautiful Africa

The Watoto drummers showing off their skills during Beautiful Africa

At the Watoto Gala Dinner & Concert, Uncle Mark & Uncle Ronnie auctioned off a ‘date with the Watoto Children’s Choir.’ Multiple people bid to have the experience of the Choir visit their workplace and, in the end, it was won by Stonehouse Wealth Management.  This visit was a fantastic time of interaction and connection with new friends. A young girl named Sky gave a speech about the Watoto Children’s Choir and what they do which was fantastic.

Meeting the Stonehouse team

Meeting the Stonehouse team

Sky giving a speech about the Watoto Children's Choir

Sky giving a speech about the Watoto Children’s Choir

Employees of the company were challenged to participate in a cultural dance with the children which was great fun. The choir then had lunch with the employees which was enjoyed by all.

The cultural dance challenge!

The cultural dance challenge!

Sing & dance like the Watoto Children's Choir

Sing & dance like the Watoto Children’s Choir

Dance off

Dance off

Choir 61 also had the opportunity to relax at a beach on the Sunshine Coast. The children had a chance to go for a walk along a beach and get a feel of the water. This was all of the children’s very first time at the beach and they were amazed that people actually swim in the massive waves!

beach2 beach beach

We were also SO excited to be given the chance to be part of the Friday evening service at Hillsong Brisbane. It was a spirit filled, energetic, exciting time as the choir sang and danced and shared their stories. We started the service with worship where the choir was able to attend and be part of the service. We were then invited to the stage to perform for the remainder of the service. It was an amazing experience as so many people got involved – trying to sing and dance like the children. Tears rolled down the eyes of both the young and the old as the children shared their stories. It was a time to reflect on how much God has done for the children and the hope they have in Jesus as they sang “Not Alone.”



Thank you so much for having us Queensland! We are now travelling around New South Wales for the month of June. To find out where we will be performing, please visit Bring your friends and family and enjoy!

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Love Choir 61

Choir 61 Are Loving Queensland, Australia!

Greetings from Choir 61!

We are having a ball so far and want to share the first part of our journey with you. Follow our blog and stay updated with Choir 61 on the road!

For all of the children in Choir 61 it was their FIRST time outside of Uganda and their FIRST time on a plane! They were all so excited to be heading to Australia!

Auntie Alex and the girls - so excited before take off in Uganda!

We arrived in Australia on May 4th and had our first performance on Friday, May 10th at Sunnybank Primary School where we had a great response!



That weekend we also performed at the annual Watoto Mother’s Day High Tea where 70 ladies gathered for food and fellowship to celebrate their own Mother’s and learn about Watoto Mothers as well. The boys helped by accompanying all the ladies to their seats (which they loved!) and the girls sat at the tables and mingled with the guests. We were able to inspire the ladies there with our songs and stories and show them what the love of Jesus can do to transform lives!






We have also been busy with the children studying for and taking their exams in the past week. The uncles and aunties who travel with the choir look after and home school the children while on the road!


exams - super cute

exams - cute hair

There has also been a lot of excitement with birthdays being celebrated, radio interviews and meeting new friends!

Richard Opio birthday cake



Thank you so much Queensland – we have just 11 performances left in Queensland so make sure you check out to find out where we are performing over the next couple of weeks!

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Love Choir 61