Rescuing More Babies

Meet some of our babies at Baby Watoto

Baby Richard
Baby Richard joined the Baby Watoto family just over a year ago as a 1.09kg preemie after his mother and twin sibling died in childbirth.Richard has been a very sickly boy over the last year suffering from chronic lung issues. Richard has greatly improved. He has been completely off oxygen for a few months and is quickly catching up developmentally.He has a very cheeky personality and has become an absolute favorite around Baby Watoto.

Baby Elizabeth
Baby Elizabeth arrived recently into our Baby Watoto Kampala nursery after both her mother and twin sibling died in childbirth.Elizabeth was assessed by one of our nurses, weighed, tucked into a nice warm incubator and placed under phototherapy lights upon arrival.Please pray that Elizabeth grows stronger and healthier.

Baby Cally
Baby Cally arrived at Baby Watoto when she was 11 days old weighing 1.33kgs, very cold and jaundiced.Her mother abandoned her at a local hospital after giving birth to her on the way.  She stabilised quickly and is gaining weight well.the valued support from our Baby Watoto Sponsors! Become a Baby Watoto sponsor today and help us continue to rescue babies!

Baby Watoto would not be able to rescue these vulnerable babies if it weren’t for the valued support from our Baby Watoto Sponsors! Become a Baby Watoto sponsor today and help us continue to rescue babies!

Nanny On A Mission

After spending a few minutes with her, you can’t help but want to know more about her. Her loving spirit and contagious smile could melt any heart.

Beatrice Lakot, is a nanny at Baby Watoto Gulu, where Watoto is rescuing orphaned and abandoned babies in northern Uganda. She currently has five healthy tots under her care, all who are about six months and absolutely adore her. Beatrice will continue to care for these precious babies until they graduate from Baby Watoto into Laminadera Children’s Village or are resettled with existing family.

Before Beatrice came to work for Baby Watoto, a security company that guarded Baby Watoto premises in Gulu employed her. She says, “Every time I sat at the gate, I would admire the babies and toddlers playing around the compound and always desired to be a nanny.” She worked closely with a Watoto guard who shared the good news of Jesus Christ. Beatrice accepted Jesus into her life and a few months into her relationship with Christ, she became a Baby Watoto nanny.

Nanny Beatrice’s day typically starts at 7:00am when she arrives at work. After signing in and getting changed, she heads into her babies’ bedroom to wake them up. Once the babies have awoken, Beatrice sits with them, changes their nappies and gives each of them a bottle. By about 8:00am all the babies have finished their bottles and are ready to be bathed and dressed for the day. “I love being able to bathe my babies because I can then dress them nicely,” she says.

At 8:30am, Nanny Beatrice gathers her babies for dancing and music time, which lasts for about half an hour before the babies go down for their morning nap. While the babies are sleeping, Beatrice helps with other chores around her unit which include laundry, washing bottles, dishes or toys.

Beatrice then spends the rest of the day attending to the needs of her babies. She looks forward to interacting with the babies by taking them for a walk around the compound or doing developmental activities with them. Nanny Beatrice says that she loves working with the babies and that she hopes that they will learn from her.

We are thankful for nannies like Beatrice who love and care for the babies as if they were their own. By the end of March 2012, there were 80 babies receiving all-round care from 44 dedicated nannies and 13 volunteers. Since opening in June 2010, 146 babies have come to Baby Watoto Gulu and 31 have graduated to Laminadera Children’s Village.

As we expand our services to reach many more vulnerable babies through out northern Uganda, opportunities are available to support Baby Watoto in several ways. You can sponsor, volunteer or even visit the babies for a few days. Write to us at or visit for more.

Victoria Our Hero From Hong Kong

Volunteer work is a big part of Watoto Ministries. Every year, we receive numerous volunteers, both locally and internationally, who come to serve in various areas of need; including Baby Watoto, Watoto Children’s Choir, Living Hope, Social and Youth Work and others.

This week, we introduce you to a dynamic, young woman who has made a difference at Watoto in Uganda. Victoria Chung is from Hong Kong. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance and worked as an internal auditor, assisting the chief accountant in the finance department.

Victoria first heard about Watoto in 2006 when the Watoto Children’s Choir toured Hong Kong and visited her church. The children’s stories stirred deep conviction in her and she began to ask God how she could contribute to this ministry.

In 2007, she started volunteering at the Watoto regional office in Hong Kong and, through her service in Hong Kong, she visited Uganda for the first time as a member on a build team in 2008. It was during this visit that she heard God speak clearly in her spirit, “These are my children, take care of them.”

At this point Victoria seriously started to think about returning to Uganda to live and serve with Watoto. In September 2009, she stayed on for five months, serving as a volunteer in the finance department. “I had hoped to stay for six months, but I could not so I prayed to God for another opportunity,” she says.

In January 2010, she resigned from her job as a chief accountant in Hong Kong and re-located to Uganda to work as a permanent part of the finance team, where she has served until February 2012.

As a volunteer, Victoria says her service has taught her to follow the will of God instead of her own. “I have been able to understand the Watoto vision deeply because working here is more hands-on and has given me a sense of the whole picture. Working with the children has also given me the opportunity to shape the lives of future leaders,” she says.
“My work colleagues treated me as part of the family which helped me assimilate into my role and the Ugandan culture with so much ease. I’m very grateful for that,” she says.

In her spare time Victoria helped out at Baby Watoto, looking after babies. She was also vibrantly involved in the Watoto Church worship ministry, where she took part in the annual Christmas Cantata production in December 2011.

As she returns to Hong Kong this week, Victoria is sad to leave since she has become very attached to the people of Uganda and the vision of Watoto.

Just like Victoria, you can take up the opportunity to experience Africa and contribute to changing someone’s life. Contact the Watoto regional office close to you for more information and get involved with Watoto today.