Choir 50 Back Home After US Tour

In September 2011, Watoto Children’s Choir 50 set out to launch the new tour programme, Beautiful Africa: A New Generation. It was the first choir to present this dynamic production that is currently touring Australia, Canada, UK and the US.

The choir toured the West Coast of America and thousands of people came into contact with their life-impacting message of hope.

“People welcomed us as missionaries, sharing the love of Christ in a society that is lost and without hope,” says Jesse Ntaborwa, Assistant Team Leader.

The tour was an eye-opening learning experience for the children. All of them have lost one or both parents and were rescued from desperate situations before joining the Watoto family.

“The children talked about Jesus, shared their stories and prayed with people. Everyday we were grateful to be able to share the good news of God’s healing power with many different people,” recalled Paula Buzu, Choir 50 Team Leader during a welcome home party at Watoto Church in Kampala, Uganda.

“Sponsoring a child is more than giving money. It is about transforming a life. Beautiful Africa is the story of a new generation of Africa’s leaders who are ready to transform their continent,” Paula concludes.

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Beautiful Africa Impacting Lives

From the very first concert in the USA on 10 September 2011, 12-year Olivia Sherry from St Marks Lutheran Church by the Narrows (Tacoma, WA) writes to us about how Watoto’s Beautiful Africa: A New Generation, has impacted members of her congregation.

She says that about 6 weeks ago when the choir visited, there was a man in the audience who had never been involved in the church. After the concert, the man joined the church, along with his wife and daughter. Two weeks after the concert, he found out that he had cancer.

Because of this illness, life is challenging for him and his family. The difference before the concert, is that now he now has the support of the church family and a hope in Jesus Christ. The church is walking with him and his family through this difficult time.

“I want to thank you so much for coming to our church and singing for us especially for people like him,” Olivia says.

We, at Watoto, are delighted to hear from you Olivia. Our prayers are with the man you describe and his family.

It’s One Month Since We Landed The US!

Friday 30th September’s live performance at Woodinville, WA rounded up our first month in the USA. Words can’t describe what God is doing through Watoto’s Beautiful Africa: A New Generation production.

We kicked off our second month (October 2011) with three weekend performances at Issaquah, Covington and Port Orchard, WA. This week, we are excited to cross to Oregon where we shall visit Astoria, Portland, McMinnville and Salem. We can’t wait to tell this incredible story of hope and share great times with the people of Oregon.

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