The choir jetted into Hong Kong with excitement and was welcomed by the watoto office staff members. Word went out that the choir was in town and you could feel the excitement in the air. The choir was amazed at the beautiful landscape of Hong Kong, very different from what they were used to and similarity in weather with Uganda.
The Beautiful Africa , A New Generation concerts kicked off with a Big Bang with thousands of people attending the concerts. The choir has been to a number of schools and churches over the last three weeks.


‘Am not alone’ uncle Mark with some of the children on stage during one of the songs.



Pafula Mukaya , one of the children leading gologosa.



‘Lord I need you’. Uncle Ronnie with some of the children lifting up holy hands during Lord I need you.


Auntie Joanne speaking about Living Hope and the product sold during one of the concerts.

Reverend Sunny Cheng commonly known as Uncle Sunny to the choir, speaking during one of the concerts.





The beautiful African Queens singing away.

During one of the visits to one of the schools, the watoto children got to interact with the children of the school and even teach some of them how to dance. They as well got to share their culture with them.


Ibrahim teaching I am not forgotten.

The children had a chance to interact with some of the children of some of the schools which was a good experience to share culture.

Now after every concert, the audience is led to the tables where they get to support the ministry by purchasing some of the african merchandise that is displayed. The response of the people has been amazing with so many buying the products that is being sold. With the greatest need being sponsorship, the number of people that have signed up for sponsorship is mind blowing and we want to thank all of those who have signed up to sponsor a child or a mother or baby watoto. What you are doing is changing a life back in Uganda. Appreciation as well goes to the volunteers who have signed up on various nights to help out during the concerts. Xie Xie!



While in Hong Kong, the choir got a chance to go to Disney Land. Now Disney Land is a themed entertainment park that is enjoyed by both the young and the old. The amazing experience left all the children mesmerised at the different cartoon characters that they saw. The choir was welcomed by Mr. Arthur Lau, the ambassador of Disney Land.






Auntie Joanne with some of the children.


Phiona and Madrine

There is a parade that the choir got to watch and it had different cartoon characters the children could pick out.






The choir as well got to watch one of the most spectacular shows of the Land. The Lion King show. This was a mind blowing scenery of the characters of the real movie and the singing that got the adults on their toes.




The choir would love to send their love and appreciation to Uncle Arthur Lau, The Ambassador Of Disney Land for such a wonderful experience.

Still in Hong Kong, the choir got a chance to appear on TVB, one of the local television stations. The show they appeared on mainly targets the youth in Hong Kong. The choir was able to perform ‘shine’ in studio and the country Director for Watoto , Mr. Sunny Cheng and the team leader , Mark with some children got to be interviewed by MC Jin.





Great appreciation goes to the producer of TVB for this great opportunity to be part of your show.

The choir as well got a chance to go to the biggest university in Hong Kong. They had a concert in the Chinese university. The president of this University Professor Joseph Sung went to Uganda with a build team in 2011and they built a dormitory in Suubi village, one of the Watoto children’s villages.
The choir was honoured to have dinner with the professor at his house with some of the other university heads.




The choir was served by some of the university students who accompanied the professor on his visit to Watoto.



Our greatest appreciation goes to the Professor for this opportunity.

The choir got a week off and they headed off to Macau, an Island one hour from Hong Kong. This was the first time for Watoto to be in Macau. They had a good time relaxing and playing.

The choir will be in Hong Kong for the next three weeks and will be heading home on the 4th of December. Please check out the website to book a ticket for yourself and as well check out the schedule to know when the choir will be right at your door.

On the 17th of November, our country director, Mr. Sunny Cheng, Coach Wallace Chui, and Stephen Chan organised a soccer match for the choir and a group of children and adults. The children were so excited to be able to display their talents in soccer on the field. They were divided into two sets to be able to play with the different teams.

The uncles along with some other volunteers got together as well and had a match with a group of other adults. This was an intense game as it ended without both sides scoring. The aunties from the watoto Asia office along with the choir aunties and some of the girls got to cheer the uncles as they played on.



Some of the uncles and the children getting ready for soccer match. This is what we call warm up.


Team Watoto oye……… We go we go………………team watoto we go……….


Uncle Ronnie getting the team ready and sorted out.




Step to the left, step to the right, team watoto let’s go


The cheerleaders





Action on the field.

The choir would love to thank Sun International Athletic, Coach Wallace Chui, Stephen Chan and friends for organising the soccer match.

Asia welcomes Choir 61

So the last we heard from the choir, they had changed location. The choir has been in Australia for four months and are now in Asia for three more months before they head home. They flew into Singapore on the 8th of September and they were welcomed by the Watoto Asia team. It was a different experience on the plane as the children got to taste some of the Asian food.


Auntie Nimlet with some of the children having their last meal in Australia.


The choir just before they boarded Singapore Airlines

On arrival at the airport, they noticed a change in the weather conditions which caused them to take off their sweat shirts. There was excitement and joy as the choir exited the airport in Singapore.


Some of the adults on arrival at The airport in Singapore.

Now while in Singapore, the choir got a chance go around the beautiful city of Singapore. With the beautiful lights and skyscrapers, the choir was amazed by the scenery of the city. As we went along, the children were heard asking if this was real.


One of the six star hotels.




Choir 61 one adults and children enjoying Singapore



Uncle Bryan with his boys.

Now on every choir, we adults who are known as aunties and uncles to the children as you may probably already know. Here are the wonderful ladies / aunties of choir 61.


The choir kicked off with the Beautiful Africa , New Generation concerts. The response was amazing as very many people were blessed. One of the people from the concert commented about the Madarine song that the choir sang during the concert and she so moved and in awe of the fact that they learnt a song in a different language.


One of the first performances that the choir had in Singapore. “He knows my name”


The choir as well got a chance to attend Service at New Creation Church in Singapore. This is a church that was started by one of the renown preachers, Pastor Joseph Prince. This was a thrilling opportunity for the choir to as well receive from The Lord as they were to be part of the service. The children and some adults attended the children’s church and the other adults went to the main church.



Auntie Alex and Auntie Joanne, the Asian tour coordinator just before the service started.


The uncles of choir 61 with the creative arts Pastor of Watoto church Graham Tugume at New Creations Church.

Everyone has a chance to celebrate this one day that they were brought into this world. Right?? Now the choir was privileged to be hosted by uncle Stuart and his family from the Assemblies of God. We had the children and some of the adults celebrate their birthdays. Happiness and joy filled the room as cake and drinks were shared.





The aunties in their party hats.


The aunties and uncle Mark having a good time.


Auntie Alex with some of the watoto children.

Now on every choir, each adult has two or three children that are under their care. Here, we have auntie Alex with one of her daughters, Zoe.



Auntie Nimlet with one of her daughters Prossie.


They as well got a chance to go swimming which the children enjoyed so much.

The choir would love to send their appreciation to Uncle Stuart and the family of Assemblies of God for making this an amazing experience.

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park in Singapore located within Resorts World Sentosa. It has rides and from water rides to roller coasters and different other places for one to see. The choir got a chance of going to the studios. This was a one in a life time opportunity that they couldn’t miss out on.


The scenery of the theme park just amazed everyone as we walked in.


So our fast stop was Madagascar. We met Alex(the lion) and the crew. We had a chance to go for a boat ride through the land of Madagascar and as well we met King Julian and the penguins of Madagascar. The children couldn’t stop singing King Julian’s one hit song, “I like to move it move it”.



The Watoto children’s choir in Madagascar


Auntie Alex and auntie Joanne


Now did you know that Auntie Nimlet was once a Watoto child?? She is one of the children who have grown up in Watoto and are now giving back to the ministry. She is one of the aunties on the choir.





King Falquard’s palace was the next stop. For those who have watch Shrek, you must know who that is. Amazing palace.




Then we got to the home of the Transformers. We meet some of them and took pictures with them. We got ride in one of the machines and that was a thrilling experience especially for the boys.



Now who remembers Sesame Street??? The choir got a chance to meet some of the characters from the street.



Big bird with some of the adults and our sponsors for the day, Uncle Albert and Auntie Grace.


Auntie Alex with some of the children in front of Elmo’s school bus.



Auntie Joanne with Madrine, one of the children.

The choir had an amazing time at universal studios and we express our heartfelt gratitude to a group of Aunties and Uncles from Church of Singapore for their generosity in sponsoring the admission tickets of universal Studios Singapore.

The choir was hosted by New Life Community church at Singapore Island Country Club. This was after an amazing performance by the choir the previous weekend at their church. This was a time to catch up and get to know each other very well. A time of fellowship and “swallowship.”




The children queuing up for food.


Auntie Alex with some of the children, having a good time at the dinner.

While at the dinner, the choir got to celebrate some of the children and adult birthday parties. They cut a a cake made out of jelly and fruit. How amazing is that. Each one got to hold a candles.




Auntie Alex and Auntie Peace.

Special appreciation goes to New Life community church for having the choir for dinner. Thank you so much for loving us and making us feel so special. God bless you.

The choir will be heading to Malaysia on Tuesday 1st October , 2013 for six days and they will be back to Singapore for one day then fly to Hong Kong. The choir would love to say thank you so much to Singapore for the warm welcome and for making the choir feel at home.

Farewell Australia from Choir 61

After our journey across the Nullarbor to reach Western Australia, we had an incredible time performing in WA and made many new friends!

image 5

We have now been on the road for four months and have come to the end of our tour in Australia. We will be touring Asia until early December before heading home for Christmas. 

One of our final performances in Australia

One of our final performances in Australia

Towards the end of our time in Australia, we had a seven day break which we spent at Globalheart Church in Joondalup. This was a great time of relaxing! The African community organised a dinner for us while we were there and it was completely African themed – from the food to the dress code to the dances. The children couldn’t believe they were seeing traditional African food in Australia! We had a great time eating, interacting and dancing. Gerard & Sue Keehan, Senior Pastors of Globalheart Church who took such amazing care of us, joined us for the evening as well. Thank you Globalheart Church for loving us and making us feel so special!

african dinner 3

African dinner 2

The Watoto Australian office also hosted a thank you and farewell dinner for us which we loved. The children and adults all received a certificate signed by everyone in the office and filled with photos of their time in Australia.

Uncle Bill has been the bus driver for the choir.

Uncle Bill has been the bus driver for the choir.

During our final week, we also had many other fun opportunities including going to ‘The Maze.’ It had different animals that the children were able see as well as mazes which the children (& adults!) had a great time trying to find their way out of.


aus animals

image 2

We said farewell to Australia on Sunday 8th September, 2013 and headed to Asia to continue our tour.

image 3

Choir 61 at Perth International Airport

Choir 61 at Perth International Airport

Thank you Australia for your love, hospitality and generosity. Send us your love by leaving a comment below!

Love Choir 61