Choir 61 Are Loving Queensland, Australia!

Greetings from Choir 61!

We are having a ball so far and want to share the first part of our journey with you. Follow our blog and stay updated with Choir 61 on the road!

For all of the children in Choir 61 it was their FIRST time outside of Uganda and their FIRST time on a plane! They were all so excited to be heading to Australia!

Auntie Alex and the girls - so excited before take off in Uganda!

We arrived in Australia on May 4th and had our first performance on Friday, May 10th at Sunnybank Primary School where we had a great response!



That weekend we also performed at the annual Watoto Mother’s Day High Tea where 70 ladies gathered for food and fellowship to celebrate their own Mother’s and learn about Watoto Mothers as well. The boys helped by accompanying all the ladies to their seats (which they loved!) and the girls sat at the tables and mingled with the guests. We were able to inspire the ladies there with our songs and stories and show them what the love of Jesus can do to transform lives!






We have also been busy with the children studying for and taking their exams in the past week. The uncles and aunties who travel with the choir look after and home school the children while on the road!


exams - super cute

exams - cute hair

There has also been a lot of excitement with birthdays being celebrated, radio interviews and meeting new friends!

Richard Opio birthday cake



Thank you so much Queensland – we have just 11 performances left in Queensland so make sure you check out to find out where we are performing over the next couple of weeks!

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Love Choir 61

What I Like About School

Going to school is a privilege for every Watoto child. Most of the children in our villages have been rescued from circumstances that none of us can imagine, and an education was one of the furthest expectations they had. Today, every one of them goes to a fully functional school in the Watoto Villages, and everyone has the opportunity to grow up fully expecting to fulfil their dreams. Join us as we discover some of their favourite activities at school.
Sharifa Nakimuli

I love attending lessons and having the opportunity to read story books. I know this will help me become smarter, so that I can join ‘Club 4’ (A club made up of the best performers in school). They have parties hosted for them to celebrate their good performance.
Paul kato

I love play time at school because I get to play football with all of my friends.
Sandrah Nassali

I love reading the charts hung up in my classroom. They are colourful and help me remember what my teachers have taught me.
Viola Nakiganda

I love Social Studies and Maths lessons because they are the subjects I do well in.
None of these children would receive education without your faithful partnership. Your continued support through monthly and annual sponsorship, is invaluable to their future.

Encourage others to sponsor a child in Africa and change their story. Visit

Watoto Camp 2012 Is On

The Watoto Camp is on and the children are learning a lot and having lots of fun. This year’s theme is “Remaining In Christ” which is based on John 15. The camp is slated to end on 19 August

For those that missed the opportunity to attend, we passed by Suubi Children’s Village and we bring you some highlights from the camp.

Rogers Onegiu, a facilitator commented that this year, the intention is to teach the children how to remain grounded in Christ the true vine. “My desire is that they can understand the true meaning of Christianity and start to truly mature”.

“I am loving the classes because we are learning a lot and we get to win prizes. I have also made lots of friends,” says 12- year- old Gideon Nsenga.
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