Drummer Boy

In Africa drums are a part of every little boy’s life. The beat of the drum is entrenched in him. So much so, that he will use any element around to create sound. Stephen Ochan is an African boy, and part of the Watoto Children’s Choir travelling to UK and Europe in January 2015.

“I have always admired people who play drums. Back in the village, we would pretend that jerry cans (water containers) were drums. I dreamed of that one day I would have professional drums that I could play. That’s why I am so excited that I am one of the boys who is chosen to play drums on choir tour,” he says.

While on tour, Stephen will share the transformation that happened in his life when he joined the Watoto family.

Stephen lost his parents to AIDS, leaving him and his siblings in the care of their frail grandmother. AIDS has orphaned many children in Africa, rendering them helpless, and without any hope of fulfilling their purpose.

Stephen represents many children, who without God’s intervention through Watoto, would have no hope. But Stephen’s story has changed.

“I don’t remember my parents. I remember my grandmother. We stayed with her until we joined Watoto,” says Stephen.

At their grandmother’s, the children often went without food. She was sickly and unable to provide for their needs. Local authorities were told about their story and Watoto was contacted thereafter. Stephen and his siblings joined the Watoto family in Gulu soon after.

Stephen currently stays in Watoto’s Laminadera Village in Gulu, northern Uganda. His dream is to become a pilot and a footballer. He will be travelling in the all-new Watoto Children’s Choir production, Oh, What Love in 2015. Find out more here.

This World AIDS Day (1 December 2014), we’re asking you to change the stories of other AIDs-effected children like Stephen by sponsoring a child. Click here and change a story today.


Rescuing More Babies

Meet some of our babies at Baby Watoto

Baby Richard
Baby Richard joined the Baby Watoto family just over a year ago as a 1.09kg preemie after his mother and twin sibling died in childbirth.Richard has been a very sickly boy over the last year suffering from chronic lung issues. Richard has greatly improved. He has been completely off oxygen for a few months and is quickly catching up developmentally.He has a very cheeky personality and has become an absolute favorite around Baby Watoto.

Baby Elizabeth
Baby Elizabeth arrived recently into our Baby Watoto Kampala nursery after both her mother and twin sibling died in childbirth.Elizabeth was assessed by one of our nurses, weighed, tucked into a nice warm incubator and placed under phototherapy lights upon arrival.Please pray that Elizabeth grows stronger and healthier.

Baby Cally
Baby Cally arrived at Baby Watoto when she was 11 days old weighing 1.33kgs, very cold and jaundiced.Her mother abandoned her at a local hospital after giving birth to her on the way.  She stabilised quickly and is gaining weight well.the valued support from our Baby Watoto Sponsors! Become a Baby Watoto sponsor today and help us continue to rescue babies!

Baby Watoto would not be able to rescue these vulnerable babies if it weren’t for the valued support from our Baby Watoto Sponsors! Become a Baby Watoto sponsor today and help us continue to rescue babies!

Meet Esther Nakimera

Sunshine and flowers is what comes to mind when Esther’s name is mentioned. A twelve year old jolly fellow that loves to dance and sing. Esther lives in house 29 at Bbira children’s village. Currently in primary three, she enjoys school and tries her best to excel.

When she was six, Esther toured with the Watoto children’s choir to the East Coast in 2006 and was the youngest in the choir. “She was the cupcake of the choir. She loves taking pictures and I remember this one time that she stopped performing in the middle of a concert just to pose for a photo. Her eyes would light up when she sees dolls,” says Martha Mwesigye, who was her auntie on tour.

She also loves chicken in any form and loves to play. Esther loves acting and last year, she acted in Watoto Church’s famed stage drama “Heaven’s gates and Hell’s Flames”.

She is also the children’s choir coordinator and leads praise and worship in the Bbira children’s church.

Esther’s best house chores are mopping and cleaning windows. She loves looking pretty and takes good care of herself.

Esther and her brother started living with their grandmother after losing their parents. However, she could not provide for their basic needs. The people in the community realised their state and asked Watoto to intervene. Both Esther and her brother now live in the Watoto village and are both excited about the future.

Partner with Watoto to rescue more children by sponsoring a child today.