Our Last Week in Florida

It's all about love

We  had a great week in Florida. People  love to open their homes to new faces, so we made great friends.

The weather is unusually cold, but everybody found their way to join us in the Concerts of HOPE.

We love you Florida! THANKS for opening your hearts to the Watoto Children’s Choir!

Alabama welcomed us warmly as well. Even though it’s cold, we are all warmed up — no worries at all. We are proud of you Alabama! May the great Lord blow you away with His blessings all day and all night.

Our hearts are overflowing with joy because of your generosity. THANK YOU.

Enjoying a day outside

Day out on a cold sunny afternoon in Alabama

One of the best moments of the day

After over 12 years, it finally snows in Alabama

Twaha was fortunate to meet his dear sponsors

We are one month and two weeks into our six month tour. The choir is enjoying every bit of it. At the same time, we are working as one to meet our daily goals. The children are growing in every aspect, but above all they are getting closer to their God.

The children are carried away in worship to God during a concert

The children laid hands on the bus driver and prayed for him after he received an injury.

We love you Enterprise Alabama

Uncle Stephen gets rid of the ball to escape Enock's attack

Aunt Sandra failed to get up after accepting that little Julius had no choice but to score in the goal she was trying to keep

Joke of the Week

Uncle Stephen: “Good job Darius, you saved the goal!”
Darius: “How can you say good job when i am hit by the ball?”

Victoria happens to be the youngest on the team at 7 years of age.She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Thank you Alabama -- we love you all!