Whose Story Will You Change?


When you decide to Sponsor a Life, you are partnering with Watoto to rescue vulnerable children and women from poverty and destitution, restoring them to a life filled with hope and a future.

Opportunities are available to sponsor Baby Watoto , a Watoto Child , a Watoto Mother, or the vulnerable women in the Living Hope initiative.


  1. Hello,

    How can i sponser a child?

    how do i make payments Ect.. ?

    Thank you

    • Hey Emma,

      Please send an email to Kathryn (kathryn@watoto.com) , she will be able to answer any questions you have on Watoto Sponsorship


  2. My husband and I had the immense pleasure to see these children when they were at The St. Louis Dream Center in St. Louis, MO. I don’t remember when they were there, it has been within the last 2 months. To say that we fell in love with them all is an understatement. I told Pastor Jeff and Pastor Jaime Ayllensworth that if I could have wrapped them all up and put them in my car I would have taken them all home with me. What a big family I would have gotten. My husband and I now made the decision to sponsor a child named Imelda. And to that end we are so greatful to our Lord and Savior because he alone put this on our hears. God is good. We are now awaiting our sponsorship information. I am trying to be very patient but it is hard when you are so excited. My prayers and love to all the children. Thank you to Glenda Stutzman of the United States Watoto who has been a God send in this endeavor.

    Lee Ann and Mark Bush

  3. i had the some stories of the kids but i have nothing much to do because am just a kid. all i can don is to pray for those inocsent kids

  4. i enjoyed all the watoto children when thet were in mobile, but my heart just went out for enoch. he already has a sponsor name jim. tell enoch hi for me and i cant get him out of my mind and my prayers are with him and i hope to see him again. im on facebook, i think he will remember me.

  5. when the choir came to my school i was moved by how they keep going when their parents are gone i loved there dancing it was so enerjetic and mostly there singing

    soo no i seee tht we souldnt take things for granted and look at the affrican life stile

    but well done ❤

  6. Thanks to brother Howard for introducing us to a family of love .

  7. I am so impressed with those kids putting there lives forward and starting a new life generation.
    Good luck and help as much as you can because you know that God will help you and is there for you.
    Thank you

  8. Hi. May I know where I could know about the schedule for watoto choir 63? Thank you.

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